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Get to know Motzy... The Hip-Hop artist

Growing up off Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B, Motzy writes and records with all three combined. Stevie Wonder, Russell Simmons, Big Daddy Kane, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Nas, R. Kelly and The Roots musically inspire him. Motzy is really into making music thats catchy, humorous, has sex appeal, and that you're able to dance to with the respect and honor of knowing true hip-hop. Motzy has had the opportunity of performing at the 5 Spot, Club Flow, The 69th St. Bar & Terminal Grille, Pulaski Hall, LOVE Park, Lucky Strike, Tritone,Time Lounge and Club Flow. The success of his first mixtape/cd "Welcome to Phillywood" circa 2003 gave Motzy the oppurtunity to vibe with other local artist, producers, and DJ's. This also allowed him to create a buzz that made his second cd "Do You know Motz?" circa 2005 become a local underground favorite among peers and supporters of his music. 

While performing Motzy was able to get a write up in the Philadelphia Daily News Hip-Hop column with Raw Life Entertainment founded by The Roots aphilliated Dice Raw. Motzy auditioned for music reality shows, showcases, and a few labels. He says just being able to pick up a book and learn the ins and outs, the pros and cons, the ups and downs, and the trails and tribulations of the music industry is very important for him. Motzy has been blessed to speak to, get advice from and associate himself with an array of already established industry folks. Motzy has also taken his grind to new heights by calling his sound New Wave Alternative Hip Hop. From working with Canadian Trip Hop/Pop/R&B recording mogul Tyler Adam, to coming up with astonishing song concepts with Australian production wiz Antzilla, Motzy wants to be seen in the light as a Philadelphia recording artist with International appeal and has grabbed fans all over the world to make this idea happen. As an American born and raised recording artist its amazing to see mostly people of Middle Eastern, European and Asian countries subscribed as readers of his daily Myspace blog. Motzy knows and understands that this business is not promised to anyone but his consistency, the love and support he receives, and the trust in himself keep him going. 

While still under the Beautiful Black Children Productions umbrella Motzy has reached out on his own to upstart Cliche Enterprises Ent., W.Y.O.S.I. (Wear Ya Own Style Incorporated) Fashions and his super secret conglomerate comprised of Mc's, Producers, Singers, and DJ's called Da "N" Crowd Conglomerate Inc. With the internet success of his 3rd album "Hollyhood Here I Come" circa 2008  Motzy reached out to some known talent around the world and combined certain songs off his previous 2 releases to bring you what he subtitled... "The Motzarelly Collection" 2003-2008. This album gave you exclusive songs off of both 2 previous releases, songs that were recorded in between and after the 2 previous releases and 3 official new songs that were recorded especially for this album. The first video for this album which is actually the title track to the album "HOLLYHOOD HERE I COME" was seen and distributed on over 20 video outlets throughout the world wide web. This song told the detailed story from the beginning of Motzy's musical hiphop journey at the tender age of 9 all the way up to that present moment. The second was "SCARED OF MY SUCCESS" which garnered alot of downloads when it was released as a single to the internet. So good that Motzy did a promo video for it just to attract the eyes of those waiting for the actual video. The actual video was released a few months later and the video was soo good that the video popped up rapidly all over the net on over 30 sites. Where Motzy is quoted to say...
"Have you ever felt like someone that was in support of you at the beginning is now seeming shady as if they are in fear of your success?" You have to see the video and watch how the 3 scenes play out. Some may say the "HOLLYHOOD HERE I COME" album was an internet succcess and Motzy would say... it was just fun making it! 

When the Twitter and Facebook craze starting popping off Motzy was right there to be a part of the internet social site transition. Releasing the D.O.A. promo cd with DJ Labeanz  just off being inspired by the the infamous song by Jay-Z. Motzy decided to add an extra verse and release it as a free digital download with not only a promo video for it but also and official video. The internet ate it up.

 They couldn't believe how quickly Motzy jumped on the idea and how well it was received. But for Motzy this was just the preview to what he had in store and that was... "The Discography Of Jay-Z" taking all of Jay-Z's albums and making a promo mixtape celebrating Jay-Z's career by taking the title to each track off of each album and making 11 separate verses and again working with DJ Labeanz for hosting duties. The first to ever do something like this... the internet loved it. Motzy went right in and starting shoot the video for the mixtape by just blessing us with the first 2 verses and a bonus track called Drop Freestyle which showed off Motzy's skills as a dope lyricist. Plotting to make his internet buzz even more broader Motzy started recording and revamping a series of classic freestyles and songs from 2003 to 2009. He decided on the title "Phillywood 2 Hollyhood" In other words from his first Ep to his last Lp and working with DJ Labeanz for a 3rd time. With 2 videos from the
mixtape already getting internet buzz... Fustla aka Fake Hustla a remake to 50 Cent's smash hit Wanksta aka Wack Gangsta and Faking You Ball Freestyle using the Taking My Ball instrumental from the song by Eminem. The Phillywood 2 Hollyhood mixtape has started its internet run with over 1700 free downloads and with 3 more videos on the way, no one can stop how focused Motzy is right now. With his company Da "N" Crowd Conglomerate Inc. being expanded all over the world and his upcoming website on the way... no telling where Motzy is gonna be the next time you read this. Successful I would say and by the way... This is just his hobby! Ha! Stay Tuned....

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