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Chox-Mak x The Soloist - "Call It"

The lyrical onslaught has begun. Chox Mak & The Soloist go back to back on some killer Dr G production. On this joint they both got back to back bar 4 bar ripping shit up over mean and dirty drums. This is the first time the two underground MC's Collaborated but not the first time they both worked with Dr G. This is definitely a joint you will LOVE if you appreciate Bars.

Joey Jihad - "Felonies"

"JFK, I'm getting my head blown off without the roof". For his "Mugga Monday's" series, Haddy drops "Felonies" where it keeps it punchline heavy but also displays a bunch of different voice tones and adlibs. 

Chox-Mak - "Jus MakN"

Chox-Mak has been on another hiatus from music yet still working behind the scenes and also attempting to help other indie artists with consultations and more. Today all of that stops, Chox is back with another east coast hip hop classic in the making. Jus MakN is a declaration of what Chox plans to do from now,some of his past and a lot of his belief system. Chox does without slacking off on what he's known for which is "hard punchlines". This mellow banger produced by Tone Redd will definitely take you back to the "old school". Chox wants everybody to know he's not finished yet and this is just the beginning. 

Young Twizzy - "Flea Day"

Shot & Edited by Kavvy Garcia.
Easy Harlem's own Young Twizzy aka Gordo Flea drops a Flea Day freestyle showing his appreciation for life itself while reflecting on his growth and surroundings... Look Out For More New Music From Flea On The Way. 

Phresh Ali - "StopActingWeirdAroundMe"

Since the homey Phresh connected with Jermaine Dupri and has been on TV as well as doing the So So Def Tour, his fame and notoriety has escalated almost to the point that it became weird the way that people would act around him. Listen to how Ali feels about it all.

Phresh Ali - "Groundhog Day"

As we await Ali's new single "StopActingWeirdAroundMe" checkout one of his standout tracks produced by Al Akai that recently dropped. Here he's going back and forth with his girl about him not picking up when she calls.