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Playlists Of Life - THAT BEAT THO!!!

Here’s 30 Hip Hop songs with some of the most knockin’ beats ever heard in the music industry. It don’t matter if you’re in the club, at home or driving in your car, these 30 songs BANG because of the beat! With production from Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Pharrell and a few others, turn your volume all the way up when you listen to this playlist! Enjoy!

Motzy Says.... "I have always been a "if the beat dope, I can fuck with the song" type of guy. So growing up listening to Hip-Hop, I've always been fascinated by the instrumental and how the drums would thump and the switch up of the beat for the hook part of the song. So this 30 song collection is some of my favorites that embodies what I love about Rap songs. The motherfuckin BEAT!!!! Enjoy!"

Playlists Of Life - #HHC4DL (Hip-Hop Classics 4 Da Ladies)

 Valentines Day & Mothers Day are gone but that doesn't mean we have to stop rooting for the ladies. Here's 22 throwback rap songs directed to the beautiful women of the world. Some are celebratory, others are emotional, a few are sexy but all and all this playlist caters to the better half of us men. We give you.... Hip-Hop Classics 4 Da Ladies!!!

Motzy says.... "Now going into this playlist I was inspired by rap songs that had that classic feel but something the ladies would be excited to listen to.  I threw a rare gem in there with the AZ record and went it all the way old school with the UTFO record. All the rest are like Top 40 hit records that we all grew to love especially the women. Hope you enjoy it."

Playlists Of Life - ...feat. Tunechi

Here’s a 30 song collection of some of Lil Wayne’s most memorable verses and hooks when on songs with other music artists. A legend in his own right with a ground breaking catalog as well as a highly respected resume, let’s all enjoy Tunechi’s contribution to the music industry as we anxiously and impatiently wait for the infamous Carter 5 to drop.

Motzy says....."Let’s not forget, one of the most featured music artist of our generation. To be honest, I was never really a Weezy fan but his level of confidence and consistency had me checking out songs every now and then. What was most appealing though is that every time a new hit record came out he was featured on it and that said a lot about his statue in the music industry. I had to respect it. So trying to narrow down a selection of songs to make this playlist had me draw from the ones that stood out the most for me personally that featured Lil Wayne and I felt that he got busy the most on. So here’s MY Top 30, ...featuring Tunechi. Enjoy."

Playlists Of Life - Kalifornia Luv

If you've ever been to the sunshine state then you know the love you felt being there. The weather, the food, the people, the places and the fun. Here is a collection of music to celebrate that. Even if you’ve never been this will give you a feel of it. Featuring 12 songs of different genres of music speaking on the Cali experience.

Motzy Says...... My first experience in Cali was about 4 years ago when I took myself for my birthday for a week. I went in with the mind set of all the stereotypes from the celebrity sightings, the weather, the weed and the gang banging. When I got there, it was more chill and laid back then I expected. Everywhere from Inglewood, to Compton, to Long Beach, to L.A. and Hollywood was just a dope experience. The food was good, shopping was fun, the events were poppin and the people were awesome. If I could explain it all in music, this playlist would be the soundtrack. Enjoy!!!

Playlists Of Life - THEN & NOW (Vol. 1)

You ever listen to a Hip-Hop song and hear a beat, interpolation, or a hook that sounds like it came from an old school record? We got you!!! Featuring 8 popular Hip-Hop songs being streamed right after the 8 original songs that it was sampled from. Here is our Then & Now series. If you've ever wondered what record was used to create Kanye's "Through The Wire" or where the hook came from for Biggie's "Mo Money Mo Problems" or better yet what song was sampled to make Jay Electronica's "Exhibit C" soo monumental, this is the playlist that exposes it all... and this is just Volume 1. Mean!!!!!
Motzy says...... This playlist came to mind when I realized that the Styles P record "Good Times" had to be sampled from somewhere and when I found out where it inspired me to find the samples from other big Hip-Hop records. There were soo many that I discovered but this was my Top 8 and before I get people mad at me for not adding certain other records, I decided to break them down in volumes that will be released later on down the line. In the meantime enjoy my 8 favorites that tracks this playlist to 16 songs. The 8 originals from then and the 8 sampled remakes of now. Enjoy!!!

Playlists Of Life - H.A.T.E. (Hear As Time Evolves)

The opposite of LOVE causes soo much aggression through resentment and reflection and here's a collection of musical moments that expresses why. Curated by @MotzyDaCrowd of, let your ears and emotions take this journey.

Motzy Says.... Experiencing hate regardless if it comes from your friends, family, coworkers, the person you’re with the person you used to be with, the people you’re around or just some random person on the street is something we all can relate to. When I sat down and put this playlist together I wanted to catch all levels of emotion surfacing around the word hate. So these 15 songs are pretty much a collective of that. I can guarantee at least 1 to 3 of these songs is going to touch you in some type of way. Bringing back memories and inflicting a feeling is the purpose behind this playlist. This is Hate. H.A.T.E. Hear As Time Evolves. Featuring some of your favorite music artist pass, present and future. The first 5 songs are the hype, the middle 5 songs are the storm and the last 5 songs are the calm. Enjoy.