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Phresh Ali - "Groundhog Day"

As we await Ali's new single "StopActingWeirdAroundMe" checkout one of his standout tracks produced by Al Akai that recently dropped. Here he's going back and forth with his girl about him not picking up when she calls.

Natho feat. Joey Casanova - "Billboards"

Natho and Joey Casanova work at Mr. Money's Don't Fold's Record Shop, but it isn't quite working out. Natho and Joey got dreams of making it big and doing it big. Check out Natho and Joey's Bootyful day dream. Hopefully after their song "Billboards" drops with that JuneOnnaBeat Production, they can get out of this Record Shop and maybe even get Chippass his chain back!

Boogie Dash - "Switch" (Official Video)

Boogs drops the visual for his verse off "Switch" decked out in tons of chains floating in a pool in one scene and tossing money in another with Dusko drinks all around. Grab your personal copy off of iTunes here:$o-manz/id1273518451?i=1273518452

Boogie Dash feat. Pe$o & Man-Z- "Switch"

Boogie Dash connects with the homies Man-Z and Pe$o to get everybody familiar with the switch. It can be your chick, whips, jewelry, a different club, city or venue. Every now and then you gotta switch it up. Faxxx!!!! Listen on Spotify below and then grab your personal copy off of iTunes here:$o-manz/id1273518451?i=1273518452

Wynne - "An Open Letter To Donald Trump"

"You ain't made America great. People who think you have live in a 20th century state."
Even though she dropped this 7 months ago, who would expect this young white girl with her love for Hip-Hop to step up to the plate and speak her mind, body and soul about our so-called president and show us that not only does she know the history of discrimination but she is speaking up for any and everybody that's affected by his presence. 

Chox-Mak - "Dwellin In The Smoke"

Produced by Dr G, Mak drops some food for thought over clouds of that green leaf. It's time to get on as reality speaks and life continues progress. Listen as make details it all.