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Rich The Kid x Famous Dex - "I'm Cool"

Directed by Jerry Production, watch as Rich and Dex swag it out on the job at the garage and go shirtless in the streets riding on the back of cars and jumping on the hood of cars, jewelry shining and showing your definition of how cool they are. This is track #4 off their 'Rich Forever 2' mixtape. 

Aminé - "Caroline"

Directed by Adam Daniel. This is dedicated to all the fine thick ladies. Watch as Aminé and all the antics go down in the car, on top of the car as well as the parking alot, on the sidewalk and while playing video games, all for the love of "Caroline". 

Well$ ft. Deniro Farrar - "98 Juvie"

Directed by Summit Collective. Produced by Sipho the Gift & Alec Lomami. From abandoned buildings to graveyards to the hood, Well$ connects with Deniro to get on their 98 Juvie ballin shit!


If anybody knows about international musical pimp'n it has to be Rome Fortune. Just look at the artwork. Ha! His latest project, 'VVORLDVVIDE PIMPSATION' has 11 tracks of sultry and sexy sounds. Featuring Candice Sims, Wara from the NBHD, Nessly, ILoveMakonnen and Nevabitch. With production by Bloodpop, DJ Spinz, Dundeal, Raak, Toro Y Moi, Heaven In Stereo, Richie Souf, C4, Ethereal and Lo Pros. If you have a convertible, please drop the top, put a bad bitch in the passenger side and ride out to this Asap!

Alumni Royale - "Business"

Produced by KDaGreat, the Dallas native Alumni gets right to work and handles business on this soulful banger that he puts on his mother's grave, his future wife and kids and even his nieces and nephews. Now that's serious business.

Montana Of 300 - "WTS Now"

Directed by A Zae Production and produced by Charisma 808, the acronym for 'Wit The Shits', Tana touches on since he made it big the ladies be with it all, no matter what type of time he's on. This was shot before his album 'Fire In The Church' dropped.

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