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Dae Dae - "Woke Up" (Prod. by London On Da Track)

Presented by 300 ent. and Digital Trapstars. This is what it feels to wake up successful but with strong thoughts on your mind. Produced by London On Da Track, this is off of Dae's collective project with London called 'Birth Of A New Nation' 

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Phresh Ali x Mike Kalombo - "Dope Jacket" Unplugged

How cool is this! Phresh and Mike end up in the studio and do a piano unplugged version of his "Dope Jacket" song from his 2011 album 'the Bang Bang' LP. "When you don't plan it, it just happens" -Ali.

OG Maco - "Desperado Rough 2-3"

At the height of having such an incredible body of work being well received it seems that the label has pulled Maco's #BLVKPHILCOLLINS project from off the internet. No backstory to why it happened but to hold his fans over OG drops a rough draft of a song called "Desperado Rough 2-3", which sonically should be called .....Ain't Worried" with it being soo repetitive for the hook. OG is a hustla at heart and as long as scales are still working, he'll always make things happen. If you listen to the adlibs they have a Migos-esque to them and we don't know if it is someone from their camp but it does add to the dopeness of the song. Are your scales working?

Tdot Illdude - 'Morning Comes Too Fast' (Album Stream)

Presented by Heart Felt Music, this 16 track album features Young N Fly, Charlie Heat and Guordan with production by Roofeeo, Mando Fresh, Cardiak, Maaly Raw and Louis Bell. Stream it below and then get you a copy of it now: 

Luke Christopher - "Stop This Train"

"People say it's love but they judge.... by the money, cars, sex, drugs, all thee above" Produced by Oshi, sometimes you have to reflect to see if the train is worth stopping and Luke delves right into it.

Russ - "For The Stunt"

"I need a celebration/celebrating hella patience/ I was down but now I'm up/ I'm celebrating elevation up" I took Russ 10 years to get to this level so it's only right he explains why he does it and what he's doing for the stunt because just last year he was broke. 

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