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Playlists Of Life - This Was Named After...

Featuring songs named after some very recognizable people recorded by some of your favorite music artists. The names on these 22 songs are some real credible figures in pop and urban culture. From EPMD's “The Steve Martin” to Jay-Z's “Tom Ford”,  there's an array of different styles of Hip-Hop/Rap that completes this playlist. 

#22 Jay-Z - "Tom Ford" *Bonus*

"I honestly use to think songs named after famous people was corny at one time but then I got, it’s all about recognition and just showing love to someone you admire or are not to fond of, for instance, FTD. Tom Ford is not on Spotify but I made it the last track on the playlist with a YouTube embed. This is more Hip/Hop driven so I hope you all enjoy it."

Nikki McKnight - Dopeness U Should Be Listening To

Here's a collection of dope tunes that Nix stumbled across or heard about through word of mouth that will occasionally get updated. Definitely spin-worthy for road trips, workout sessions, or just chill to. "Enjoy, subscribe, and most of all... Share!!! Peace & Good listening." -Nix

Playlists Of Life - THEN & NOW (Vol. 2)

Featuring popular Hip-Hop and R&B songs being streamed right after the original song that it was sampled or covered from! Our 2nd volume to the THEN & NOW series has a match up of 10 of your favorite songs to the 10 original songs. If you've ever wondered what record was used to create Wu-Tang's "C.R.E.A.M." or what was the original version of Mary J.'s "I'm Goin' Down" cover. Here's our 2nd installment to the THEN & NOW series that exposes it all.

Motzy Says..... 
I honestly couldn't wait to drop this second volume. With records like "What's Free" and "Uproar" tearing up the charts and giving us the feel of "What's Beef" and "Special Delivery", I had to stretch this out to 10 songs. I really went searching for some classics and I pulled out some fan favorites. I honestly love this one better than volume 1. Sorry. Ha! Enjoy!

Playlists Of Life - LOVE (Living Out Various Emotions)

On March 23rd 2018 we dropped our very 1st playlist; HATE (Hear As Time Evolves) via Tidal and it streamed really well. So it's only right we come back on our 11th playlist via Spotify and give you the opposite of that; LOVE (Living Out Various Emotions). 30 songs that incorporate the word love in the title featuring various Hip-Hop, R&B and Soul music artists. Curated by @MotzyDaCrowd, let your ears and emotions take this journey with us again!

Motzy Says..... 
The 'HATE' playlist back in March was a dope experience to put together when discovering that soo many songs used the word. I've always had it in the back of my mind to do a 'LOVE' playlist as well but the timing had to be right. So 10 playlists later and relocating from Tidal to Spotify, it's only right that the "Living Out Various Emotions" playlist gets streamed this go around. Alot of these songs were hit records so putting this playlists together came easy. Love is a powerful word, so I hope that these 30 songs tap into that emotion when you listen to this. Enjoy!!!

Playlists Of Life - That 1 Hot Hit!!!

Most consider them one hit wonders but these rappers and their songs were on 🔥🔥🔥 when they dropped! These 30 rap hits shook up the Billboard charts creating some of the best phrases and dances used worldwide only to spotlight the artist once on the Hot 100! There were soo many other songs that could have fit this playlist but sonically, sequencing these 30 made sense when we went through the timeline of records that stood out for each era. 

Motzy Says..... 
"What's really considered a 1 hit wonder? That one record that made you successful and then you just dropped off or that one record that solidified your career to where nothing else you put out could top that? I say both. These 30 rap songs to me had really big moments, soo big that nobody really cared what the artist put out after that or should I say didn't have a bigger impact. Either way, these records top the charts and most of these artists will probably never make a song as impactful as theses records, past, present and future..... In My Opinion. Enjoy!"

Playlists Of Life - Rap's Best Posse Cutz

Here it is! 'Rap's Best Posse Cutz'! When your favorite rap artist added a few more rappers to a dope song to make it an even doper song! A young Nas on "Live At The Barbeque" and a young Jay-Z on "Da Graveyard" had the spotlight on them when they were featured on these Main Source and Big L records. The dope Tribe' record "Scenario" and NORE's "Banned From TV" were Posse Cut Bangers!! Jay-Z's "Reservoir Dogs" appears on the Tidal version. 
So here’s a collection of 33 of those same type of records featuring some of you favorite rap artists of all time and 4 honorable mentions in the form of videos, LL Cool J's "4,3,2,1", Boogie Down Productions' "Self Destruction", Marley Marl & The Juice Crew's "The Symphony" and NWA's "We All In The Same Gang". Enjoy! 

"Self Destruction"

"The Symphony" 

"We All In The Same Gang"

Motzy Says.... 
"I use to get excited when some of my favorite rappers would have the dope collaboration records with other groups or anywhere between 2 to 5 different music artist. It not only set the tone for unity in the music industry but made everybody on the record kinda compete with each other in a way on who could deliver the better verse to make the whole song an overall banger! I'm blessing y'all with 33 of my favorite posse cuts and then 4 classic visuals of some of super classic posse cuts. Enjoy!"