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Young Twizzy - "Old Cam Flow"

El Barrio's own Young Twizzy delivers a freestyle borrowing flows from one of his biggest influences none other than Cam'ron. Look out for the visual and more from Young Twizzy . His project "When The Smoke Clears" has no official release date as of yet.
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Chox-Mak - "Facts Only" (Prod. by S.Dot Tizzle)

Chox-Mak, an East Coast based MC knocks out another banger, this time with the vibe of the west coast bumpin in full effect with none other than fellow North Carolinian SDot Tizzle. The duo have teamed up mutiple times in 2015, and have yet to come up short on a track. "Facts Only" slaps from beginning to end from each and every 808 bass knock to the last words out of Choxs' mouth. Keeping the lyrical difficulty on high Chox-Mak is with out a doubt not only putting Jacksonville, NC on the map, but also putting his name up there with the best The Caroline's have to offer. With an album set to release later this month and tour dates in the near future be on the look out for Chox-Mak in the very near future.
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Chox-Mak x Henny ThaBrain - "Mary" (Prod. by S.Dot Tizzle)

Chox-Mak has set out to prove that he can tackle any genre of hip hop with ease.Lately he has been dropping some boom bap flavor which is his forte, but this week Chox is raising the bar with this smokers anthem "Mary". On the beat along side Chox is his longtime collaborator and protege Henny ThaBrain. Right off the jump just know this is not your typical smoke track with S.Dot Tizzle on production. Chox and Henny change up from there normal flows and deliver dope word play while confessin there love for every stoners favorite girl "Mary Jane". Roll up and enjoy! 

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Barry Bondz Feat. Knew Era & The Legend (Prod. By Game Beats) - "Rocky 2"

Bonus track from "The Genco" Album. This song only appears here or on the physical album. To purchase the physical album, log on to
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Nikki "Nix" McKnight feat. Colga Da Triggaman and Ty Ty - "Once Upon A Time"

Nikki McKnight "Once Upon A Time" featuring ColGA da Triggaman and Ty Ty. Produced by Mazik where they are talking about moments in life.
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Young Twizzy - "Young Forever"

Young Twizzy delivers a meaningful track about maturing from the same routines of the Usual Street life he grew up around. Twizzy's official mixtape release "When The Smoke Clears" is due to drop this fall/early winter.

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Trel Mack - "Walking With God"

Now you walking with God! Not as religious as you would think but Trel goes in depth on how it feels to walk among greatness.
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