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PARRI$ - "Fiyah"

The dope Choreographer/Dancer is in front of and behind the camera for her bass knocking anthem. Shot in London, dancers of course are everywhere but you can catch her walking her dog, cutting some hair, posing around flames in front of fire trucks all to finish it off in the shower. No, not like that but really. Why? Because she's hot and got the fiyah!!!!

Russ - "Gone"

"Supported my dreams till my dreams supported me. Lookin at views that you don't see till 43. I'm half they age, But twice as paid" Russ's dilemma: When your life changes and those that you tried to help on your way up didn't believe in you now see the progression and they want parts but you're soo far gone from that world that you can't even imagine that happening. All you can do is give them insight. 

Madeintyo - "Mr. Tokyo"

Filmed by Yudai Maruyama and Anton, Tokyo takes it to... Tokyo for his K Swisha produced track and hitches a cab ride to explore the city. This is track #3 off his 'Thank You, Mr Tokyo' project.

Bibi Bourelly - "Ballin"

Bibi puts the light on those who claim that their ballin but living on a budget and/or just broke. Maybe it's just ballin in their eyes but as long as they are feeling awesome, keep ballin! 

Lucho x WELL$ - "A Sad Dance Song"

"You said you know who you are, you said you know who." Produced by Lucho as well as vocals with raps by Well$. Cover Art by Mickey Sharks & Basile Shingu. When your pride gets in the way of love and most become spiteful you have moments of remembering a pass relationship that could have worked if things were a little more clear.

Madeintyo - "FRONT"

Produced by K Swisha, sometimes you gotta pull up to the scene to see what these suckas really talkin bout with they hatin asses and Tokyo let's us know if they want it he can pull up to the front.

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