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Join Da Crowd Radio: (Episode 1) HATE [Audio & Visual]

Motzy goes into full detail of each song on this playlist through it's origin, sample, producers, recording process, track listing and more. The audio version is courtesy of Spotify and the video version is courtesy of Youtube. As always go back and listen to the HATE so you can see why this episode was made. Enjoy!

"Experiencing hate regardless if it comes from your friends, family, coworkers, the person you’re with, the person you used to be with, the people you’re around or just some random person on the street is something we all can relate to. When I sat down and put this playlist together I wanted to catch all levels of emotion surfacing around the word hate. Featuring some of your favorite music artist past and present. The first 5 songs are the hype, the middle 5 songs are the storm and the last 5 songs are the calm."



Playlists Of Life - As Produced by Timbaland

Here's a historical, musical timeline of  67 songs of over 4 hours of just some of Timbaland's production over the years. From Missy Elliot to Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z, Timbo is really the King when it comes to some of the most top charting beats across all music genres. We could only imagine the records he would have produced for the late great Aaliyah. Come take this journey with us. 

Motzy Says.....
"When I first really heard a Timbaland beat, I was like WTF is this? Is that a baby? It was the Aaliyah, “Are You That Somebody” song and ever since then, I knew dude was gonna be a problem. The Missy run was incredible. They were like Jordan and Pippen but then the songs he did with Jay-Z just solidified his skills as a producer.  To working on whole albums with Justin Timberlake and making some of the biggest Pop and Hip-Hop records, Timbo is truly one of the best producers EVER! Hope y’all enjoyed." 

Playlists Of Life - The D' In The 313

We celebrate 2 hours through 35 songs of Detroit’s elite MC’s, Rappers and Hip-Hop Artists... past, present and future. Everybody from Eminem, Trick Trick, Slum Village, Dej Loaf and Tee Grizzley give you various styles and sounds when you play this. This is what the Motor City sounds like!
Motzy Says.... 
“Detroit, D Town, The 313, Motor City and famously known for 8 Mile because of Eminem. I wanted to put this playlist together because I felt the sound needed to be showcased across all styles and sounds of their city. I did my research on the legends of the past, was already listening to most of those in the present and I was cool enough to have an open mind to those of the future. The Midwest definitely has its own movement and this is just me giving a salute to that. Hope y’all enjoyed!”

Playlists Of Life - When R&B Was Rhythm and Blues (Vol. 1 of 4)

When R&B Was Rhythm and Blues, Volume 1 of 4 comprised of 25 songs of some of the original R&B that shaped the sound of Rhythm & Blues that we’ve all grown to love. From the likes of Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Gladys Knight and many more, come listen to the music that our parents grew up on and we’ve grown to love.

Motzy Says......
"Early on music artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin and The O’Jays created a sound of music that blended soul, country funk and pop. Mostly based around the ins and outs of love and relationships, we would later deem this sound as rhythm and blues because of it’s melodies combined with storytelling. Broken down into 4 volumes of 25, we start off giving you some of our personal favorites most call classics to start this series off. Hope you enjoyed volume 1. 3 more to go. Stay tuned....."

Playlists Of Life - HUSTLE (Hearing Us Speak Through Life Experiences)

An hour and 34 minutes brings you 24 songs all circled around the hustle. Are you a hustler? Keep hustlin! Hustle stands for Hearing Us Speak Through Life Experiences. Featuring everybody from Kindred The Family Soul, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Cassidy, 50 Cent and Gucci Mane. Stream it via Spotify now!
Motzy Says......
Sometimes the word HUSTLE can have a negative connotation so when putting this playlist together I wanted to find songs that displayed different perspectives of hustling. Ironically 50 cent would end up featured 3 times and Jay-Z 2 times who are both infamously known for being street hustlers. How the acronym came about was just natural. Hearing Us Speak Through Life Experiences. Read between the words. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. Hope y’all enjoyed!

Playlists Of Life - How I Listen To Hov

To celebrate turning 50 years old legendary rapper and businessman Jay-Z of Rocafella/Roc Nation decided to put his music back on the Spotify streaming platform. We decided to create a playlist around this celebration starting from his first album 'Reasonable Doubt' to his latest album '4:44', giving you a musical timeline of all our favorite records from each and every album. This is a little over 4 hours and 60 songs of some of the best Jigga verses ever with dope features from Mary J. Blige to Biggie to UGK and great production from the likes of Swizz Beatz to Pharrell and Timbaland. Come take this music journey with us as we zone out to the best of Sean Corey Carter.

Motzy Says....
Motzy Says.... "Damn man, I couldn’t wait for this to happen. After putting out 19 playlists and feeling incomplete because I couldn’t put a full Jay-Z song on any of them, was I really doing my due diligence as a curator of Hip-Hop music? I mean I would get the featured verses from others artists songs but it’s nothing like having a Hov song on your playlist. When the OG turned 50 and gave Spotify the green light to stream his catalog I had to jump on this quick! Hope y’all enjoyed it because I know I did!"