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Billionaire B - "Billionaire" (Van$ityRemix)

Billionaire B and VanCity Beats are back at it, bringing you "Billionaire" the Van$ity Remix. VanCity goes in and remixes the original track he produced and brings more light to Billionaire B's distinctive flow.
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Barry Bondz - "Raspberry Peach Sky"

Produced by Game Beats. A little Hustla Motivation, Sky is the limit.

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Tsunami Tone feat. Brava Man - "You Guessed It"

Produced by Lil Shorty.
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B-LO feat. Legend Corleone - "United We Stand"

United We Stand is dedicated to the family of Mike Brown as well as all others who have experienced police brutality. We have to stand for something or die for nothing!

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NephLon Don Ft. Interstate Snake & DJ YRS Jerzy - "Trappin 4 A While"

NephLon Don has been making quite a name for him self in the past month or so since he has signed with DJ YRS Jerzy. Teaming up with Interstate Snake and DJ YRS Jerzy they have created a release with a dope trap based sound titled "Trappin 4 A While". This track includes hard hitting 808's and it is just real quality street music to play in the whip, club, radio or all above. There is alot more to come for these three artists and they are working on building more and more each day. There will be a remix to this release as well just make sure to follow up with these artists via social media for the big announcement of who it will be.

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Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy - 'Saturday' #7DayExperiment

Saturday's are always the best days of the week people are out having a good time and enjoying life. The same goes for Chox-Mak & DJ YRS Jerzy wit their latest "Saturday" release. This track is nothing but the turn up it features a trap based sound that will turn the clubs up and really get your day started off right. Their "7 Day Experiment" music series is almost coming to an end with one more release to drop tomorrow. Keep up with Chox-Mak & DJ YRS Jerzy via social media t stay tuned with what they have next. "Saturday" also includes an edit or clean version of the song as well.

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Epademik - 'Q&A w/ JoinDaCrowd'

As we put together the 6th volume of our Join Da Crowd Audio series "I See Rap People", we will be releasing interviews with a slew of dope music artists that we've done tons of promo on. Some will be video interviews, others will be written interviews but just know the music artists picked for these Question and Answer interviews will have most likely made the compilation.... and first up we have Epademik. Lets get into it!
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