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Playlists Of Life - Urban Duet Royalty

Featuring classic Rap, R&B and Pop songs with a female and/or male rapper or singer.  Here's 23 songs and 2 bonus videos of some of our favorite duets from your Kings & Queens of crossover urban music. This is what Hip-Hop Royalty sounds like. 

Motzy Says... "I listened to this playlist driving around for like a whole week. I kept rearranging songs and taking certain songs off so that it could have a cohesiveness to it. What better way to start it with the Puba and Mary record and to end it with the Chainz and Ariana record. Everything in the middle was either by or from these two songs. I had to add the two bonus records as videos not only because they weren't on Spotify but because visually they were classics!!! Hope you all enjoyed!"

Playlists Of Life - Texas Made

Either born, bred or raised in the state of Texas, here's 30 songs connected to rappers from Dallas, Houston and all surrounding areas. Everything from Geto Boys' "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" to Chamillionaire's "Ridin Dirty" to Travis Scott's "Antidote”, songs before, after and in between round out a banging playlist for the Lone Star State curated by Motzy. 

Motzy Says..... "When I think of Texas or better yet the city of Houston when it comes to rap, the words "down south" don't come to mind. For me, it's more of the sound, region and culture of these cities in Texas. Yes it's down south but I don't think, that when I listen to those from Dallas, Port Arthur, Austin and other areas around the Lone Star. To me, all these rappers/music artists stood out from that "down south" stigma because their sound was soo big and their movement was and still is soo independent. So this is my salute to them. Enjoy!!!!"

Playlists Of Life - This Was Named After...

Featuring songs named after some very recognizable people recorded by some of your favorite music artists. The names on these 22 songs are some real credible figures in pop and urban culture. From EPMD's “The Steve Martin” to Jay-Z's “Tom Ford”,  there's an array of different styles of Hip-Hop/Rap that completes this playlist. 

#22 Jay-Z - "Tom Ford" *Bonus*

"I honestly use to think songs named after famous people was corny at one time but then I got, it’s all about recognition and just showing love to someone you admire or are not to fond of, for instance, FTD. Tom Ford is not on Spotify but I made it the last track on the playlist with a YouTube embed. This is more Hip/Hop driven so I hope you all enjoy it."

Nikki McKnight - Dopeness U Should Be Listening To

Here's a collection of dope tunes that Nix stumbled across or heard about through word of mouth that will occasionally get updated. Definitely spin-worthy for road trips, workout sessions, or just chill to. "Enjoy, subscribe, and most of all... Share!!! Peace & Good listening." -Nix

Playlists Of Life - THEN & NOW (Vol. 2)

Featuring popular Hip-Hop and R&B songs being streamed right after the original song that it was sampled or covered from! Our 2nd volume to the THEN & NOW series has a match up of 10 of your favorite songs to the 10 original songs. If you've ever wondered what record was used to create Wu-Tang's "C.R.E.A.M." or what was the original version of Mary J.'s "I'm Goin' Down" cover. Here's our 2nd installment to the THEN & NOW series that exposes it all.

Motzy Says..... 
I honestly couldn't wait to drop this second volume. With records like "What's Free" and "Uproar" tearing up the charts and giving us the feel of "What's Beef" and "Special Delivery", I had to stretch this out to 10 songs. I really went searching for some classics and I pulled out some fan favorites. I honestly love this one better than volume 1. Sorry. Ha! Enjoy!

Playlists Of Life - LOVE (Living Out Various Emotions)

On March 23rd 2018 we dropped our very 1st playlist; HATE (Hear As Time Evolves) via Tidal and it streamed really well. So it's only right we come back on our 11th playlist via Spotify and give you the opposite of that; LOVE (Living Out Various Emotions). 30 songs that incorporate the word love in the title featuring various Hip-Hop, R&B and Soul music artists. Curated by @MotzyDaCrowd, let your ears and emotions take this journey with us again!

Motzy Says..... 
The 'HATE' playlist back in March was a dope experience to put together when discovering that soo many songs used the word. I've always had it in the back of my mind to do a 'LOVE' playlist as well but the timing had to be right. So 10 playlists later and relocating from Tidal to Spotify, it's only right that the "Living Out Various Emotions" playlist gets streamed this go around. Alot of these songs were hit records so putting this playlists together came easy. Love is a powerful word, so I hope that these 30 songs tap into that emotion when you listen to this. Enjoy!!!