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Playlists Of Life - Featuring..... Jeezy (The Hits + Bangas & Remixes)

52 songs featuring Jeezy from Atlanta through his hit records, collaborations, street records, club bangas and remixes with everybody from Jay-Z to Rick Ross, Usher, Rihanna, T.I., Lil Wayne and soo many more. If you've ever had a favorite Jeezy verse, I can bet its on this mix. Curated by MotzyDaCrowd and streaming only Spotify. Come listen to over 3 hours of the Snowman. 

Playlists Of Life - Time (Talking In Musical Elements)

Featuring songs of the past and present with the word time in the title giving you interesting perspectives circled around the word. Everything from soul music, to rock, to country, to Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop. Every genre deals with talking in musical elements; T.I.M.E., TIME!

Motzy Says.... 
Time is the one luxury that we can all afford, it’s just important what you do with it because you can’t get it back once you use it within that moment. These 36 songs are variables on how time is not only important but also taken for granted no matter the genre of music. As I see it, time wasted comes from being complacent. 


Playlists Of Life - Dreams: A Ville Of Chasers (A Meek Mill & J. Cole Collection)

Here's a dope back and forth mix of some of our favorite songs from Meek Mill and J. Cole taken from their last 5 projects. 36 Rap classics, 18 a piece of bangaz! This is for the “Dreamers” “Chasing” through the “Ville”

Motzy Says....

"What better way to rep for the home team Philly spitta and one of my favorite MC’s from Fayetteville than a combined playlists with some of my favorite songs from both. I found myself constantly going back and forth between their catalogs as I played music in my car so I thought why not make a full project out of it. At first I was just gonna keep it for my own enjoyment but this was just too dope not to share. So if you’re a Meek Mill or J. Cole Fan, hopefully this will make you a fan of both."


Playlists Of Life - Meet You At The Cookout

‘Meet You At The Cookout’, a mix of some of the best songs that you always hear at the family barbecue. 50 songs, 2 sides of over 3 hours of dope Hip-Hop & R&B while you’re outside grillin’, dealin’ and chillin’.

Motzy Says.... "This Playlist couldn’t come at a better time with a better title. This is definitely cookout music for the 4th of July Holiday. I can remember hearing this songs at family reunions, block parties, neighborhood festivals and cookouts so it was effortless to round out 50 songs that I knew would be the people’s favorites. A nice mixture of classic Hip-Hop and R&B, these songs would get any family gathering going. Hope yall enjoyed!"

Playlists Of Life - Urban Duet Royalty

Featuring classic Rap, R&B and Pop songs with a female and/or male rapper or singer.  Here's 23 songs and 2 bonus videos of some of our favorite duets from your Kings & Queens of crossover urban music. This is what Hip-Hop Royalty sounds like. 

Motzy Says... "I listened to this playlist driving around for like a whole week. I kept rearranging songs and taking certain songs off so that it could have a cohesiveness to it. What better way to start it with the Puba and Mary record and to end it with the Chainz and Ariana record. Everything in the middle was either by or from these two songs. I had to add the two bonus records as videos not only because they weren't on Spotify but because visually they were classics!!! Hope you all enjoyed!"

Playlists Of Life - Texas Made

Either born, bred or raised in the state of Texas, here's 30 songs connected to rappers from Dallas, Houston and all surrounding areas. Everything from Geto Boys' "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" to Chamillionaire's "Ridin Dirty" to Travis Scott's "Antidote”, songs before, after and in between round out a banging playlist for the Lone Star State curated by Motzy. 

Motzy Says..... "When I think of Texas or better yet the city of Houston when it comes to rap, the words "down south" don't come to mind. For me, it's more of the sound, region and culture of these cities in Texas. Yes it's down south but I don't think, that when I listen to those from Dallas, Port Arthur, Austin and other areas around the Lone Star. To me, all these rappers/music artists stood out from that "down south" stigma because their sound was soo big and their movement was and still is soo independent. So this is my salute to them. Enjoy!!!!"