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Tsunami Tone - "Judas"

We gave yall the audio to this back in December. Shot and edited by Paid Life. Here's part 2 of 3 of the 'Ocean 720' EP. After a set up gone wrong Tsunami Tone escapes alive. 

Jordan's Dad.... Father, Artist, Designer

What's in a logo, what's in a design, what's in a brand? As we tap into the art segment of JoinDaCrowd, we come across a very dope artist and designer that has no problem of clashing colors and iconic logos to give us artful masterpieces on everything from canvas to clothing to murals and all in between. We had the honor of linking up with him to do a cool Q&A so you can know more about him and his greatness and the cool names that he named his daughters. Check it out!

 Who are you as the artist? 
 I am Donnel McFadden-Brooks. I am a father and artist basically. I am hope. I'm that motivation that some one needs. 

 What kind of art do you do? 
 I do art period! There's not a style of art that I can't do. I mostly do art that people can relate to. 

 As early as you can remember, when did you discover your love for art? 
 When I was 7 was when I knew I had this gift, didn't know how to control it at the time but I knew my creativity and talents was special. 

 We know your real name is Donnell McFadden Brooks but you go by Jordan's Dad as far as branding. Let the people know why? 
I go by 'Jordan's Dad' because as you know my oldest daughters name is Jordan and my youngest daughter name is Nike but I stuck to 'Jordan's Dad' because I had a accident that had my jaw wired for 9 months and I was giving up on life as a whole but at that time Jordan was just born and she was with me every day through that process and during that process. 

 I started drawing again and decided to introduce my art to the world, then I graduated from the art institute of NYC and she stuck by my side the whole time. Even walked on stage with me to get my diploma so she basically saved my life so I owe it to her. I still love my other daughter Nike too lol but it's something I feel like I owe Jordan. 

 Do you remember or still have one of your first pieces of art that you designed? If not/so, tell us all about it. 
 Well my mom has all my old art, she gonna make a killing selling it when I make it lol but as far as my 1st piece that I showed the world was a pair of timbz (Timberland boots), I did a pair and Jordan made a pair and my right hand (her God father) has them in his house he's a big supporter and buys most of my art, it just had a bunch of fashion logos on it. I made it in like 30 mins with sharpies lol. 

What was your most successful piece sold/or admired? 
 Great question hmm..... I sold a canvas for 3k ($3000), but the ones I admire I still own, they mean a lot to me so I jacked up the price so they won't go yet lol. 

 What all do you design and customize?
 I paint any and everything. I would paint my moms if I had to, lol.

 Has anybody known/famous been in/embraced/purchase any of your art? 
 Yea I got a pretty dope celeb resume from Meek (Mill) to Mo Wilkerson (DE for the New York Jets) to Tyga to Rihanna, the list goes on. 

 What's the price points for the art and designing and customizing that you do? 
 Starts at 350 to 600 on shoes, canvas start at 500 to 10,000 and murals start at 1,500 to 5,000. 

 In being soo creative and free with your ideas and concepts, what was one of the hardest things to deal with? 
 People not liking or understanding my work use to get me tight lol but I'm at that point where I just create for me it works out better that way and people love it. 

 Is there anybody in the art world that has inspired you or that you would like to collab/work with? 
 Yea my home boy John Born, he really got me in beast mode when he re-posted my work years ago when I first started taking it serious. I love his style and the execution of his work and my daughter Jordan of course she's an artist as well and wants to follow in my foot steps so me and her are super competitive against each other and she's inspires me because I know she watches my every move, so I can't make the wrong ones feel me. 

 What does the future hold for you and your art/brand? 
 It's literally no ceilings. I can honestly do anything but I just wanna open a lil shop back home in LA and be known as one of the greatest.

 If there is anything that you would want the public to know about you, your art and your brand, what would it be? 
 Chase ya dreams don't settle or let some one tell u other wise. 

There you have it! Such a dope interview with such a carefree, artistic and free spirited individual. We can only wish the best for Donnell, his daughters, his art and his brand. Need even more info or to stay up to date, his media contacts are below.

Young Twizzy - "On Time"

Directed by Eli, song produced by Andre.... Gordo Flea gathers the crew and breaks down how he did it on time. 

ILWIA & Elitist Eyewear by Shaya "Save" Smith

As we tap into the fashion segment of Join Da Crowd, we put the spotlight on two brands, ILWIA (I Love What I Am) apparel and Elitist Eyewear both owned by Shaya "Save" Smith. Here's our Q&A with her to talk about them both. 

Who's the founder(s) of your brand? Shaya Smith aka Save (for all brands).

 When did you guys officially launch? Feb. 2015 Triple Ess, Nov. 2014 for ILWIA, Sep. 2016 Elitist Eyewear, Feb 2017 Shot by Shay Photography.

 What does your brand name mean and stand for? The 3 esses stand for Service, Sacrifice, and Success, ILWIA (I Love What I Am). 

 Who designed the logo? I did! 

 What was your first piece of apparel? The original "I Am" tee from ILWIA.

What was/is your most successful selling piece. The original "I am" tee. 

What's your price points for you brand? Price ranges from $20 - $65. 

 What was the hardest thing to deal with for your brand? Building interests, turning interest into sales or confirmed clients (for consulting) 

 Is there a certain demographic that you want to target and market your brand to? Age 24 - 45, all ethnicities. 

 How do you plan on expanding your brand? (For consulting) travel and network outside of immoderate area, display more client interaction/progress, display more service capabilities, execute events. (For ILWIA) increase viral presence, take apparel on the road, display in fashion shows and pop ups. (For Elitist Eyewear) collab with models for wear and pics, take items on the road, increase viral presence, display at fashion shows and pop ups. (For shot by shay) take more pics. For all, get more promotional material in circulation.

Chox-Mak - "University"

It's one of the most important times of the year for sports fans. If u follow Chox-Mak you know he is an avid North Carolina Tarheels fan. As an ode to his team so to speak and in celebration of March Madness Chox delivers #University. This track is hard hitting,punchline filled, and abstract to say the least.Tmpo is the maestro of the futuristic grungy beat that Chox owns with his cleverly timed cadence. Another track that shows the NC natives versatility and lyrical ability.

Nikki McKnight - "What We Do (Freestyle)"

One to always be on top of her game when it comes to spittin over another rappers beat, Nix takes it to the woods and a delivers some menacing bars over the classic Freeway, "What We Do" instrumental. With lines like "W's will make the stress fade/Never been to Cali, can't show you where an L.A." (get it?).... keeps her standing out from the rest.