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Get to know HAZMAT... The Producer

With soo many so called "HOT" producers its no wonder why HAZMAT tends to stray away from cliches and develop his own sound, a Philly sound that he describes as..."Raw Emotional Underground"!!!

HAZMAT... a name he got from a friend who said his production sound was like Hazardous Material, was born and raised in North Philly and has been crafting his sound since the age of 16. In 2005 HAZMAT was blessed to produce tracks for local known hiphop artist P. Dot aka Dot Boy of
Da 4Horsemen//Codi Gang movement. As HAZ would put it, "I started making beats because one of my homies was a rapper at the time and I wanted to be part of the movement". When asked about his Top 5 inspirations you can instantly hear names like Timbaland, D.J. Premier, Dr Dre, Just Blaze and Swizz Beats be spoken out of his mouth.

Now as time went on HAZMAT wanted to take has production to the next level, so HAZMAT went on and purchased a computer to discover a whole notha production world. As HAZ did his research by networking on the web he discovered producers was big on the web and that there was alot helpful info and websites to join that gave advice on how to shop your beats where he grabbed a few tips and tricks on the production side of things. While building up his production skills and expanding his catalog HAZMAT learned how to network and promote himself independently, HAZ & a fellow beatsmith EASWOOD formed a production teamed they called... "BEATMODE PRODUCTIONZ".

See the great thing about HAMZAT is even though he hasn't had any major placements in the industry he feels as though that doesnt stop him from banging out his tracks independently through the underground
community. HAZ decided to step out the box a little & take a different approach on things, not only does HAZMAT produce music but he is also a graphic designer/photographer and this goes to show you how dedicated HAZ is to his work. This got wind of another local artist by the name of Nel Motzy Esq. who was a good friend of P. Dot. Motzy wanted to know who was the guy behind the production on some of the tracks on P.Dot's Huslter Digest Volume 2. When Dot Boy told Motzy that it was HAZMAT he instantly wanted to get in contact with him. In finally getting HAZMAT'snumber from P. Dot, Motzy told HAZ that he was impressed with his sound and wanted to work with him in the future. By this time HAZ had already banged out tracks for a few other artist so adding more to his resume was definetly not a problem. HAZMAT tossed Motzy a few tracks to listen and write to and it was instant gratification, soo instant that Motzy asked HAZMAT if he would want the position as lead producer for his conglomerate group called... DA "N" CROWD which P. Dot also was a part of. This was a good look for HAZ because not only would he be working with P. Dot again but he would hold the postion as the head of production of a group/label/conglomerate.

As time progressed and P. Dot and Motzy worked on solo projects HAZMAT was also steadfast at work selling his tracks non exclusive at $11 dollars a pop which he says will not only put a few bucks in his pocket but will also help the underground artists who feel as though producers now a days are charging to much for beats. But dont be surprised if that price jumps up to $100 dollars non exclusive as HAZMAT gets more attention for his tracks, and at that price its still affordable for your underground rappers who are serious about their craft and if you're not serious HAZMAT gets paid either way. So with more collaborations coming and a mixtape being put together with DA "N" CROWD its no telling what HAZMAT has in store these next couple of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years.