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Get to know How Dang... The Producer

The How Dang Story.

Producer, Songwriter, Composer and Businessman... Howard How Dang Smith, not new to music started very young at the age of 16 making music on the Boss 909 sampler, SP1200 and the Akai Mpc 2000 XL 
for many years until he discovered Pro-tools and the Fl Loops Series and from that point he mastered the art of making records as a producer and studio engineer. How Dang has worked with  
many local artist while running his own independent label from 2001 to 2007 with his partners Tarik Hooks and Russ Sanders. His Team Strukk Entertainment company has helped the careers of 
many artist in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. Today he is producing records for Indie and Major artists on the IMG/Universal Music Group labels and many tv and film placements with Big Vibes 
Tv and upcoming projects from many local names in Philadelphia, Pa and with his very own movie in the works along with his upcoming producers album, the sky’s the limit for this all around entertainer .