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Get to know Loch... The Hip Hop Artist

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Born Arthur Thompson in Detroit, MI., Loch is a one man hip-Hop phenomenon who is ready bring back the essence of true Hip-Hop.  Coming straight out of the trenches of Detroit (8 Mile) Loch took his unique style and original flow and is now putting his game down in new Mo-town Atlanta, GA.  Despite his flair for dramatic overreaching, or perhaps because of it, Loch is well on his way into becoming one of the countries biggest artist. This Emcee is a perfect product combination of Midwestern Roots meeting a Dirty South swing. Imagine for a moment intertwining the creative influence of OutKast matched with the battling techniques of Eminem or Rakim with a touch of consciousness like Nas combined. You put all these elements together and what you'll get is one bad ass rap phenom named Loch. He is an actual Emcee who is ready to single handedly take back the rap game. Loch who is a dedicated soldier of the rap game is continuously changing his style and is always raising the bar. Over the years, Loch went from being a young street hustler to a boastful gangsta to a self-proclaimed rap poet.

Starting off working the music scene in the underground market Loch has branded his name and started building his rep throughout the world. You can easily find him on or on bustin weekly freestlyes for his adoring, supportive fans. Loch has already locked down major music markets such as;  New York, LA, Atlanta, Virginia, Colorado, Texas and the Carolinas.The Detroit native got his first real taste of the music business came when he was a member of a rap crew called “BAD BLOOD”, he was the second part of a two man situation which consisted of THIRST AND Loch.They took over the ATL with their weekly freestyles on Hot107.9 for years and worked with Coco brother and the Home Team also on Hot 107.9.The single Uh Uh Uh was a underground hit getting rotation along with many other songs.There was also another group called S.D.K. 

When asked about inspirations Loch stated, “My love and respect for the Hip-hop culture has always inspired me to go out and communicate with the people. My fans and everyday people are what motivate me to write good music for the world to listen to and love.”

Loch has appeared on several mixtape projects and has performed in front of thousands of people at major arenas and concert halls. Loch credits pioneers of Hip-Hop’s past and present for paving the way and opening doors him to do what he loves. His last mixtape project “The last Flip, “ which is a far cry from some of his previous underground projects because this go round Loch has turned up the heat past 1000 Degrees. The Last Flip is a collaboration with DJ Rip and it features singles “Hustlers Prayer,“ "Weirdest Weirdo" and "Lumber Up"  all of which have videos and crazy followings. 

For more information on Loch of MCEO or request him on twitter as @Loch121

Fun Facts


No Soap No Rags
The Last Flip
(in the featured mixtape section on the site)

Music Videos:

Lumber Up
Hustla’s Prayer
Weirdest Weirdo

Opened Up For:

Pastor Troy 
Dem Franchize Boys 
David Banner

Collaborated With:

Adina Howard
Lyfe Jennings
Mountain Man, 
Bishop of Crunk
Dj Rip
Venomous Music
MDS Music
Rowdy Records
Hussle House
MCEO Entertainment
Sy Scott, 
Super Slip, 
South west click, 
Relly Moe
Bad Blood
How Bout It Records

Live Shows:

Celebrity Rock Café
Macon, GA
Miami, FL
Denver, CO
Los Angeles, CA
New York city, NY
South Carolina
North Carolina