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Bring It Back ft. Motzy, P-Dot & Pop

Number 17 off the Phillywood 2 Hollyhood mixtape by Nel Motzy Esq. This is the first official song that Motzy (Team Brody), P-Dot (Codi Gang) & Pop (GMC) aka Da "N" Crowd has recorded together. Individually these guys can hold their own and also have created a buzz in their respective hoods. With one hood behind the other there has been talks for years that these 3 MC's would finally do something collective and here it is... Bring It Back; meaning bring back that Philly sound. With rumors of a video on the way for this song and a collective mixtape with Hazmat on production and Dj Labeanz on the boards, there may be a chance that these guys can actually bring back that sound of a hot group for the city of Philly. 
We'll wait this one out.