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Get to know Arch Millie... The Hip Hop Artist

"Break Bank"
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The game's been missing a revolutionary blue print necessitated to carry the third generation of hip-hop. As a culture we have undoubtedly seen the transformations music has undergone. With album sales as squat, as there is talent, hip-hop has seen much better days. With a handful of talented artists, it is quite overt, hip-hop isn't dead, however with so many entertainers clearly, hip-hop is swimming in a pool of verbal poison. Arch Millie of North Philadelphia has taken great strides in achieving a style so pronounced the best linguist couldn't imitate.

Backed by Break Bank Records, an independent union formed by Arch Millie and brother Jihad Wilson in 2006, Arch Millie has officially been deemed "The Talk of the City" from New York to Miami. Expected to take the industry by storm with his highly anticipated premiere- Arch Millie has an arsenal music catalogue equipped to conquer todayís cannon sales.

As a Black male growing up in The Bad Landz of North Philly managing the streets was a normal occupation for Arch Millie. Despite his charming ties to the streets, in 2001, with music always being a primary passion, Arch Millie set out to embark on a mission, to chase paper on an alternative route, and deliver good music. Inspired by the pioneers of the Hip-Hop trade, his natural affinity for music, family, and God, making the transition from the streets to the studio, was a decisive choice that required minimal discipline and extreme faith. Overcoming scores of taxing circumstances, Arch Millie has defied much of the odds, placed before him, enabling him to be where he is today- Next Up in hip-hop's arena preparing to defeat sound scan numbers and Billboards top charters.

With a slew of performances under his belt, Arch Millie has headlined with T.I., Rich Boy, and Ludacris. To date, Arch Millie is working to restore the City of Brotherly Loveís music beat raising the bar in creating the biggest lyrical buzz Philadelphia has ever witnessed and setting an unforeseen standard in hip-hop. With the emancipation of his day view album "Talk of the City" Arch Millie is scheduled to release "Swag Juice Drippin" as the first single.

To some, Hip-Hop is merely a genre of music, to others it's purely an immense finance tool, but to many Hip-Hop is an influential culture, which has influenced everything from dress code, lifestyle, to language. Arch's mission behind the tune, is to deliver good music, and procreate a generational love that will travel beyond color and regional lines.

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