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Get to know Future... The DJ

Born in Providence and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island Matt Joseph, AKA Dj Future, blends lyrical and progressive hip hop into a style all his own. His start came as a freshman at Warwick Veterans Memorial High School as a mixtape Dj, creating and selling mixtapes to those willing to buy. Then, moving onto beat creation Future discovered his talents for creating and producing his own music, giving birth to Dj Future.

His last project, The Soapbox Mixtape, is an eclectic mix of varying styles of hip hop showing Futures Diverse lyrical, musical, and production talents. His new project, R.E.A.L, is an album all of his own. R.E.A.L promises to show a whole new side of Future, using his own personal style and upbeat tracks to create a positive hip hop album of self expression. Some have called him a lyrical ninja, others have called him the Henry Winkler of beat production, but despite all of these labels one fact remains the same. Future is here.