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Get to know Lurkah... The 17 year old UK Hip Hop Artist

Lurkah, A seventeen year old hiphop artist hailing from "under the radar" is the alter ego of Kyle Drackley.
Currently unsigned, Lurkah has been rapping since March 2007 and since then has made quite a name for himself as a multi-genre rapper with a wide range of content and flows.

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Lurkah, a seventeen year old Emcee, Rapper, Singer, Actor, Producer, Deejay, Composer, Sound Engineer & Promoter from Coventry who has been doing music of the sorts since March 2007 He incognito hails from "Under The Radar", and is a self confessed oddball character. From March 2007 up to September 2009 he was, he felt creating music for his surroundings and not because he loved the genre that he was actually creating, so in September 2009 he switched his style and started diversitiying his music and from the turn of 2010 he that would cement him as one of the forefront musicians in the area that create a multiple array of different genres of music. In march 2010 he began working on a 5 track ep that will be available from iTunes & is produced by Mat Lane. His debut album is set for release in early December 2010...

With songs like "Compact In Ma Dome" and "Force From Above" 
This UK kid is definently worth a listen. Trust Me.

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