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Get to know Mansion TUTT... The Hip Hop Artist

Spins: Power 105.1 NYC, Power 99 Philadelphia, PA
Myspace Total Plays: 513,114
Online T-Shirt Sales: 1,257
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Mansion T.U.T.T. (J. GOODMAN) was born December 4,1982 Philadelphia, PA in the notorious SOUTHWARK PROJECTS. T.U.T.T. Grew up in an environment deemed "The worst project in Philly" and lived through the harsh reality of both parents being addicted to drugs. Joseph learned to fend for himself at an early age. At the age of 5, his mother noticed that he took an unusual liking to all different styles of music. So instead of enrolling him in the neighborhood school along with his siblings, she decided to separate the young Goodman and took the liberty of enrolling him in the most prestigious music school in Pennsylvania. The school was SETTLEMENT MUSIC SCHOOL.  It was there that the young Goodman's love for music began to flourish. Here he began to excel in 4 different instruments, He immediately fell in love with the piano and violin (T.U.T.T. interrupts "IF I FIND OUT YOU LAUGHIN AT THE INFO MY PEOPLES ARE PROVIDIN YOU WITH...I WILL FIND YOU" I'm out!!)

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At the tender, innocent age of nine, He became the man of the house. On the weekends while other children his age were out playing, releasing the frustrations of a long hard week in school, he would wake up 6am and walk four blocks to "THE FARMERS MARKET" otherwise known to fellow Philadelphians as "9th Street". This is where he would use the money he managed to save all week from his school snack money and purchase shopping bags at a wholesale price & resell them at retail price to the shoppers. Rain, sleet, hail or snow Joseph would walk up & down the street for at times 10 hour periods until all of his bags were sold and, if that wasn't enough, he would stop at the local Thriftway Market on his way home to help people carry groceries to their cars.  He hustled so hard because he knew his mother had a problem and her abusive, heroine addict husband didn't make things any better. This is where he developed the mentality of "IF I DON'T HUSTLE...I DON'T EAT".
At the age of 11, GET THIS!!... The same month his biological father was sentenced to life in prison, the young dreamer also fell victim to the mean streets of Philly. He earned his first job which was working in one of the neighborhood's worst drug houses. It was in this house where his life would be forever changed. The smell of crack smoke, the violence, & the fast money gave this young boy a very distinct outlook and perception of life. By age 12 he had already been shot and seen a man die before his eyes and been arrested numerous times.
Finally after being arrested more times than you can count... Judge Reyonlds sentenced Goodman to serve 18 months at a Pennsylvania Juvenile Correctional Facility. This is where he met another troubled youth by the name of Dwight Grant, nowadays known to his fans as "BEANIE SIGEL" .  At that time Goodman began to write poetry and occasionally write rhymes.  After being released from the facility he was looking for direction and something to belong to other than the streets. He was at a friends house one day, and noticed a video called "TIME FOR SUM AKSHUN" by a rapper named "REDMAN".  (Ironically Redman was one of the first rappers he befriended and the artist that showed him the most love while in the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds later on in life.)  He immediately fell in love with this thing we call HIP HOP. But it wasn't until he saw a video on Jukebox called "NUTHIN BUT A G THANG" by a rapper named "SNOOP DOGGY DOG" that he decided to throw his hat in! He would stand on the corner of the block where he was raised (32ND & NORRIS/Strawberry Mansion aka Thug Mansion)  and hustle two products on the street. One was something he'd been exposed to since age 11 and the other was the one he hoped to sell from that point on....HIS FIRST ALBUM!! Under the name "LIIVE" he recorded his first album. This album caught the interest of a few major labels.
On the day in which they were scheduled to start recording for one of the companies T.U.T.T. was unfortunately shot and wounded.  This put a serious dent in the recording schedule. He was told that he wouldn't use his limb anymore. This combined with his past struggles, would have derailed the average man for good. But he proved at this moment that he was not only determined to succeed, but also resilient and A MAN AMONG BOYS. He would have his cousins, while still in his cast, carry him to the car, where they would drive for over an hour to N.Y. to record. After recording a few albums of material and recording an exclusive mixtape with "THE GAME" called "GANGSTER RECOGNIZE GANGSTER hosted by "DJ MARVLS" BAD BOY RECORDS DJ & CEO of "THE RECORD BREAKAZ SQUAD" Now, after being shot, testified against, recently released from parole/ house arrest and betrayed by everyone but God.  I am honored and proud to present to you, THE REAL LIFE ROCKY,THE UNDERDOG AGAINST ALL ODDS, AND....YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER/MOGULS WORST NIGHTMARE.....MANSION T.U.T.T. !!!

Check out his 2010 remake, remix, revamped Mansion Tutt version of Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's Summer Time called "Summer Madness"

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