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Get to know Rell Cox... The Singer

"I'll Be There"

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Rell Cox being without his mother (due to death) at a very young age turned him to a person filled with longing and respect for the opposite sex in which he now displays in his songs. He discovered the art of writing songs at the age of 11 to explain emotions that if spoken no one would understand to now reach out to an audience of people who share similar views.

At the present time Rell Cox is patiently waiting for his chance to shine and from the looks of things he won’t be waiting very long. But while waiting he will continue writing songs of great stature for you the people to enjoy and relate to and pouring out his heart and mind on wax for you to hear. Seeing the process of growth in R&B now excites him as he hopes to join the train to restore the genre to what it once was a two decades before (90’s).

As Rell would put it... 

“I just want to make people feel like I want to feel when I listen to music…why put something out you won’t rock to yourself?”

"I feel everyday is my birthday because based on todays lessons and challenges I become a new man with a new mind and a new perspective daily." 

"We are not the same I am Rell Cox...Learn the name so you can be ahead of the others...SUCCESS is the goal follow me on my journey to the top."

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