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Will Robot DJ's soon replace Human DJ's?

DJ industry in trouble.
Club owners will start to purchase DJ robots instead of expensive human DJs

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The highly regarded Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology houses one such team and where in 2002, Assistant Professor Of Media Arts & Sciences, Chris Csikszentmihalyi launched the DJ-I Robot Sound System. I-Robot used a PC, several micro-controllers and an advanced ‘motion control’ system to automatically search, play and manipulate the vinyl records sitting on its turntables.

Over the past decade I-Robot has been on educative world tour, learning new techniques and generally stupefying its human counterparts. Csikszentmihalyi is keen, over time, to create the perfect spinner: “If we can make this machine work, we’ll give club owners an easy time.” And yet he has always been aware of the fun, experimental aspect of his work; back at that 2002 launch, he teased those human jocks concerned about imminent robot revolution. “We’re trying to make human DJs obsolete as far as possible” he semi-joked. “They’re expensive; they’re unreliable.”

Csikszentmihalyi will tell you that robots aren’t likely to be on the nightclub bill for a few decades yet, but the radical advances do keep coming. Just under five years ago German industrial robot manufacturer Kuka launched Juke Bot, a pair of synchronised robot devices able to grasp vinyl, move it onto a number of surrounding turntables and mix. Appropriately, perhaps, Juke Bot’s preferred sound is industrial techno and, again, the device has been touring extensively, learning how to perform more effectively and provoking dizzy commentary on the future of clubland.

Questions asked over at the Atl Report are...

Do u think robot DJs will replace human DJs?
Does n e 1 know the difference between a Robot DJ and a ‘jukebox’?
If we begin to hire robot DJs, will ‘real DJs’ stop getting jobs?
Will machines / robots take over the world, and harvest our energy to run their computer systems? 
Are DJs expensive, unreliable, and abusive of the perks provided by venues and promoters?
Should we enjoy every DJ we see in the next 1-2 years, since DJs will go extinct soon?
If u had a club, would u buy nightly DJs, or just invest in a robot for 20+ years of fun?
Did Daft Punk inspire the robot DJ movement?
Is there a ‘human element’ in DJing that can’t be replicated by robots?
Are DJs overpaid and overvalued?
Will Steve Aoki be homeless in 2k56?
Is this kinda like the movie Terminator 2: DJ Day?
Will humans win because we have ‘heart’, kinda like every movie about robots at war with humans?
Will robots replace humans in every industry?
Has the Alt Report Robot ‘taken over’ the Hipster Runoff brand?

What would be your answers? All I know is that these pictures and videos are quite convincing.
Will the Real Dj's please stand up!!!