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Get to know Merissa Toro... The Singer, Songwriter, and Actress

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Merissa, The singer, songwriter, and actress was born and raised in Philadelphia where she owes her musical background to her baptist upbringing. Growing up in a large family where there is a vast majority of talented vocalist and musicians has truly been a blessing for here. Merissa has spent many years chasing her dreams and as of January 2010 she is finally seeing the fruits of her labor and she's ready. Ms Toro has had the opportunity to perform at Fuzion, Solo, Tracadero, Champagnes, Tacony Billiards, and Warmdaddys with many more spots to come. Merissa has had the opportunity to appear on radio shows like and The Rick Ford Show as an attempt to help the people understand the gifted artist she is and what she brings to the industry. In 2009 Ms. Toro had the honor of contributing to the soundtrack and acting as Pam in the movie Sure Looks Good. The movie has now made it to Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Georgia and the San Diego Film Festival in California with release to DVD in Summer 2010. These series of events took place as the result of her most precious work of art, her debut album, From Me To You. The album has been written and arranged by Merissa with production by Faust Beatz. So everybody stay tuned and be ready to enjoy the look, sounds and moves of 1 Ms. Merissa Toro.

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