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Get to know Theo "Rick Vick" Johnson... The Producer

Theo “Rick Vick” Johnson seems to have been blessed by the God’s themselves (if this was a Spartacus episode).  Theo began his producing journey by gaining interest in producing tracks back in 1999 after not having the finances to purchase tracks from producers.  Theo used a small settlement check to purchase a Roland MC 303, Tascam recorder, and a set of Dj Turntables. He began producing his own tracks and realized this is what he wanted to do.  After doing some research and realizing that there were other artists out there with the same ambitions but little funds, he decided to place an ad in the Source Magazine promoting and selling his own beats.  This decision was a step in the right direction; even after the ad was no longer published he continued to receive requests to purchase his creations.

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