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Michael Jackson fans will moonwalk in motion-sensing game

LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson fans will be able to moonwalk next to the King of Pop in a new video game to be released this holiday season by Ubisoft Entertainment.

The as-yet-unnamed game will be among the first to use new motion-detecting camera systems to be available later this year for Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. The announcement was made Monday at the E3 video game show in Los Angeles.

The game will also work with hand-held controllers on Nintendo's Wii and on the smaller Nintendo DS and PSP portable console from Sony. The game's launch will roughly coincide with the planned sale of a new album containing unreleased Jackson recordings in November.

Ubisoft marketing vice president Tony Key says as part of the game, players will learn how to mimic the late Jackson's signature moves. Key says, "You are going to learn to moonwalk."

Source Info: Yahoo News