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A man can only portray what is in his heart. The moment he recognizes life is a canvas is the moment he can truly translate emotion into art. Unlike most artists, that moment came a lot later in life for Cavasiia. It didn’t develop from an early childhood dream or recognition of vocal ability at a young age. It was the result of really hearing and feeling for the first time.

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At the age of 18, after graduating from high school and entering college to study Architecture, the moment took on its beginning stages in Cavasiia’s mind. By coincidence, Cavasiia met his first producer in his freshman dormitory. “I met him thru a friend from high school who knew I sung occasionally in my car. It was weird at first cause I had never imagined recording or writing. Neither did I think I was a very talented singer. Something happened when I heard that first track, wrote those first words, and laid those first vocals. I heard myself for the first time…” It was then that he realized music was his only release. “In my younger years, I had trouble expressing myself. I kept to myself a lot and these emotions built up over the years. What you hear in most of my music are situations that I’ve seen others go thru. I combine some hidden emotion I have inside with someone else’s situation and that allows me to release whatever I’m holding in… Emotions fuel my music.”

In 2008, four years after “the moment”, Cavasiia released his first mixtape titled “Water”. The mixtape was purely soulful R&B music influenced by many R&B legends such as Donnie Hathaway, Micheal Jackson, and Luther Vandross to newer artist like John Legend, Lyfe, Jagged Edge, and Dru Hill. Songs like “Last Time”, “Water” and “Love Highway” were the best received by his fans. Cavasiia also wrote and mixed the vocals on every song in his own home studio.  “That mixtape, for me, was the first time I could say that this had officially become more than a hobby. I wanted to take it to the next level. I wanted to get deeper in my lyrics, expand vocally and overall become a better artist. I went out and made a huge investment on a better mic and then begin researching on ways to expand as a vocal engineer.” This immediately sparked the beginnings of a tremendous growth period in Cavasiia’s music. With a new mixtape on the way titled “The Architect” (releasing July 18th), he is ready to show the world how much he has grown both vocally and lyrically. “This time I want people to get a sense of my versatility as a songwriter and a singer. I want them to feel what I feel when I am constructing these songs. Growth is probably the key difference in-between “Water” and “The Architect”. I’ve grown in all meanings of the word and I thank god everyday for showing me the way.” Lyrics from upcoming mixtape “The Architect”: “Built on solid love, strong from the ground up, my heart is the power. She keeping the lights on for me. See the dirt here on my face, from the love that built this place. Every man outta know what it’s like to build a love that’s so strong.” – Architect Love by Cavasiia

Currently, Cavasiia is preparing for a performance in his hometown Dallas which will take place on the same day of his mixtape release, July 18th at Backbeat Cafe. He is now embarking on his newest journey, songwriting for other artists and working on an international mixtape with German producers. He has also worked with and been working on collaborations with international artists as well as expanding his presence on YouTube. “I do this to inspire the same way I was inspired growing up. Music was the only tool that gave my emotions a face and I want to do the same for young people in similar situations. Music was and is my only release.”

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