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Check out Jada Stay Fly... The Rap Artist

Jada Stay-Fly is an American rapper, Writer, and Entreprenuer. He has loved and and been involved with music for 11 years and still going strong. He is president of 124 Entertainment LLC, which is major Marketing and Entertainment company based in Washington DC. It is also a Indie Record Label. He is also CEO/Founder of Flight Academy Records which is branch label off 124 Entertainment LLC. Jada is originally from the music mecca of Harlem, NY but later moved down to the DMV area in 2000 to get away from the troubles of the city and focus on a new life and his music. Once in DC, He then Linked up with Lovell Walton, the CEO 124 Entertainment forming a business conglomerate that has quickly grown and is a force in the DC area and is rapidly expanding gaining notoriety in other parts of the nation. 

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