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It seems these days that the popular thing for a rap artist to do is take on the name of a character from a gangster movie. In the case of Jung Ace, his life and moniker should in no way be confused with an infatuation of drugs & gangster movies. On the contrary it is simply a mutual respect and ability to identify with like minded people who just happen to have their stories told on the TV screen. 

Bio and Mixtape After the Jump...

Born and raised in Bedstuy for most of his years; it is almost impossible to not get caught up in street life and fast money.  As told by noted music artist like Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and even Maino; life was no different for Ace.  Jung Ace is part of Brooklyn Bad Boy Mainos' platinum single selling Black Flag/Hustle Hard movement.  Having practiced prose since the age of 15 has grown to be one of the hoods rarest stones.  For this lyricist it is an equal amount of raw talent and ambition that makes him a diamond in the ruff and respected heavily in his hood.   

Based on the life that Ace lived in Brooklyn, he wanted to separate himself from other rap artist who select names for themselves based on a movie they saw, rap clichés and gimmicks; Ace set out to be different.  "I never set out to be like no one I saw on TV, it was just a similar life that I lived," says Jung Ace.   Jung Ace is a combination of the most prolific drug trafficker George Jung who is the main subject in the movie "blow" and businessman/gangster Sam "Ace" Rothstein the character from the 1995 crime drama "Casino"; for Ace the name Jung was a way to spell Young differently, plus George was great at his art much like himself.  He then added Ace because his personal and love life paralleled to that of Sam "Ace" Rothstein. 

Much like Maino and the Brooklyn lyricist before him Jung Ace is ready to hustle just as Hard in order to be successful in this music industry.  So in the end it will all be worth it, sit back and watch Jung Ace because he is the next best lyricist to Blow. 

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