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Surefire Music Group (SFMG) is a corporation designed to provide its family of clients with cutting edge production, marketing, publishing, and access to a network of talent in an effort to solidify a career in the music industry. Surefire is known for its ability to work within any genre of taste and in many cases blend or transform a project into a distinctly new sound. The loyal pool of artistry from which the group was born, has significantly aided in the company’s intense growth of over 60% each year. Now, containing three subsidiaries, Surefire Recording Studios, Surefire Management, and Surefire Publishing, SFMG continues to seek expansion and success for its team and clients.

Surefire Music Group began in 2003 as a small project studio in the living room of a 3rd floor apartment on the outskirts of Boston.  In 2005 Surefire outgrew its home-based roots, expanding and relocating to a custom designed 1100 square foot commercial space in order to comfortably accommodate and better serve its increasing roster of clients.  This growth triggered an evolution from a simple recording business to a multifaceted production collective.

Now, a team of producers, writers and musicians who pride themselves on a family style business model, Surefire offers a unique environment for artists to explore limitless creativity in any genre of audio media.  Creative sound solutions are a major part of Surefire’s daily routine where "outside the box" thinking and inspired composition are encouraged at all stages of the production process.

Surefire's music production team from Boston, Massachusetts consists of five producers: Jared Hancock, Brendan Brady, Stephen Saxon, Sterling Brunsvold, and Brandon “OZ” Coleman. They came together to form their five man squadron in 2003, but has since then expanded their unit to include 5 songwriters (Marcus “Amandi” Brown, Neil Letendre, Shawn "S-Cal" Stewart Leroi DeAndrade & Makio). They have produced songs for major artists such as Ne-Yo, Donnie Klang, Marina Chello, Brooke Hogan, Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes, Ryan Toby, Maino, Serius Jones, D-Block, Red Café, Makio, Hayley Griffiths, and many others. 

Not only have they produced music for artists signed to major labels, but they are also known for their work on VH1’s “Brooke Knows Best,” Under Armour’s Click Clack commercial series, the “Next Day Air” movie soundtrack, MTV’s “Exiled”, and multiple advertisement spots for Dicks Sporting Goods.

From globally branded ad-campaigns, international record releases and Hollywood movie soundtracks to local independent artists on the rise, Surefire’s projects have proven distinct success applying a battery of skills and audio expertise.  This expertise translates into a multitude of services that include instrumental production, song writing, commercial & film scoring, audio engineering, vocal arrangement and sound design. 

Through collaborative effort and a relentless drive for perfection, Surefire Music Group continues to be at the cutting edge of music, constantly reinventing and reinvigorating its sound to produce material that remains both unique and timeless.

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