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Get to know Touch Basis... The DJ [Featured DJ]

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Born in Sacramento, California on Halloween in the '80's DJ Touch Basis has seen many things a child shouldn't see at such a young age. With parents of African American, Caucasian, and Japanese decent who stressed education, Touch Basis was able to see past the fact that the neighborhoods he grew up in were filled with gang-violence.

However, school wasn't his first priority. Like most male teenagers, sports and girls were the highlight of his life at the time. But there was one thing that kept his future the brightest: music.

First experiencing his passion for deejaying came in 2000 when Touch Basis simply played music at his sister's wedding. Loving the fact that people were having a good time on account of the music he played, Touch Basis craved the ability to play whatever he wanted and have people enjoy themselves.

He taught himself how to deejay at 21 years old. Having a passion for the craft, he observed and picked up the styles of certain djs. Scratching, beat matching, and blending--the more technical things--all came with practice and experience.

An up-and-coming DJ, Touch Basis has made a major name for himself at Norfolk State University and surrounding cities. Affiliations with Coast 2 Coast Dj'z and 3 Stripes Campaign have made him one of the most anticipated DJs at events, such as concerts,comedy shows, fashion shows, step shows, festivals, cabarets, house parties, birthday’s, cookouts, and clubs.

Listening to different artists, such as Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Biggie, and Pharrell, Touch Basis style is influenced by them heavily. His style of deejaying emcompasses the laid back sounds of the West coast, the up-tempo beats of the East Coast, and the heavy bass backgrounds of the South. Having lived in many places, playing music that people will love from all coasts and walks of life is his main concern.

As time passes and his skills become more perfected, Touch Basis wishes to travel all over the world deejaying at even bigger events and working with major artists in the music industry. However, he now fully understands that education is his backbone. Eventually, he will have his master's in clinical psychology while shutting parties down all over country.

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