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Kartel Kobain - Bio + Welcome To My Playground 2 [Featured Mixtape]

Kartel was born & raised in Suffolk, VA (Downtown Suffolk). He has been involved with music since the age of 14 where he started off making beats for middle & high school friends. It wasn’t until the age of 16 when Kartel decided to become a Recording Artist.  As a Producer, Kartel studied music & it’s various sounds and always reached for perfection. While other local rappers where freestyling during lunchtime or by the library Kartel spent most of his time writing music & poetry. Music was something Kartel wasn’t seeking to make a living from, it was just a form of escape from his reality of stress & family issues.

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Kartel was introduced to recording around the age of 16. His 1st studio setup was in a bedroom & closet. He was introduced to Kid Grams by a relative who thought their sounds would match. Kartel & Grams recorded numerous freestyles, and original songs and had everybody asking about the duo. Downtown was officially buzzing in less than 2 years. The unique sound of the duo was incomparable. Kartel rap style was punchline filled whereas Kid Grams rap style was the story of a hustler. The duo took a break to focus more on solo projects & issues in their individual lives. Kartel enter the mixtape circuit the summer of 09′ with the debut mixtape ”Thanks 4 Nothing” releasing in July 09. His versatility is radiant as he enter & exited the mixtape. The mixtape displayed his lyrical ability as well as his taste for good music & showed the area he didn’t need any DJ’s or Radio Personalities to co-sign for his talent. Many who followed his earlier career made mentions of his music & personal growth. Kartel showed his peers that he was a survivor of struggle and poverty. Kartel takes time to mentor to younger kids to be themselves and to also be a leader. He doesn’t promote violence or degrade females in his music or everyday life & strongly encourage others to take the positive step. Early 2010 Kartel announced that he would be launching his own brand & label “"DreamLand Music Group” (DLMG) which will feature and cater to upcoming artists who are destined for the big stage but still in the growing and up coming phases.