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Metro Slim - Bio + AUDIO: Motion Picture [Featured Song]

MetroSlim Born and raised in Columbia South Carolina begin writing and arranging music at the age of 13. Although not really sure if he wanted to persue music fulltime he never really got serious with it till around the age of 18. 

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Coming up in the Columbia, SC projects of broad river terrance where negativity was always around, Metroslim decided to take a different approach and go fulltime with the music. So with that being said he hustled up enough money to purchase computer software and a microphone to learn the process of recording at home before actually going into a studio. Later he then release his first mixtape called Im Here Now only to give to the people as a demo to show his versitile ability as a writer. Doing all this alone still seem to be moving to slow so to get the quality of his music up and really shop his music he knew he had to work to get the money to record at a professional studio. Minimun wage work wasnt really his thing. He wanted more so he joined the U.S Navy as a source of income to help with the dream he wanted to accomplished and also as a getaway from his hometown where he at that time experienced family members getting involved in the wrong activities. Growing up in a single parent home he knew that he wanted to grind and work extra hard at his goal on becoming a music entertainer with one goal in mind, and that'ss to repay his mother for everything she's done and supported him with. Later he started going full time with the music and hooked up with a South Carolina based production team by the name of Kream Team. When Ask How Did This come about he says. "I surfed myspace at the time sending emails out to producers in South Carolina to check out my music but got very little response. Then one of the producers of Kream Team check my music and felt I had potential. So he sent me a beat, I wrote a song in a hour and sent it back and they were shocked at what I came up with so fast. From then on we became family." Although born and raised in the south Metroslim does not consider himself a one way artist. He say's he's very versitle and love to show it when the beat call's for it. When it's time to hype the crowd you hear the southern bouncy tracks like Motion Picture or Tragedy. Then there's tracks like Belly Of The Beast where he touches on matters in todays society. There's also club bangers like Plenty Cash and two particular joints called Betcha Neva and Watch Her Do It that's slowly hitting the strip clubs. MetroSlim loves the direction South Carolina's going in far as music but feels that the unity is still not there. One thing you can bet is that he's always willing and open to work with different artist at anytime. If you would like to hear what Metroslim is putting down you can check his music out at myspace or on twitter. This guy has potential and I'm sure you'll be hearing about him real soon..
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