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The "Salt" Premiere Shakes Up Hollywood

Los Angeles – Collective sighs of relief echoed down Hollywood Boulevard as Brad Pitt joined his superstar partner Angelina Jolie at the massive premiere of her new action flick "Salt." Jolie looked gorgeous as always in a skimpy black beaded minidress, but Pitt looked positively stunning after months of sporting a mountain man grizzle of facial hair that obscured his handsome visage.

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But that's no more, and as Hollywood's golden couple crossed the street in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Monday, July 19, to greet the masses of fans gathered there, the fight was on to get a photo with the beautiful pair. Genially signing autographs and posing, both Pitt and Jolie were all smiles. The duo had left their six children at home for the night, for Philip Noyce's violent CIA spy thriller "Salt" is rated PG-13, but a surprising family member was on hand for the celebration. Jon Voight, Angelina's long-estranged father, walked the red carpet with his son James Haven, Jolie's brother, thus proving that the three have made peace with the past and are all finally getting along as a family.

And speaking of family, at an earlier press event, Jolie explained what made her decide to take on the physically challenging title role of Evelyn Salt. "I'd just had babies and I'd been at home for a year and a half when I decided to do 'Salt,'" she recalled. "I felt like it was complex enough and all those wonderful things, but I also knew that it would be really good for me to jump around and get active after that time. It's important to do something that kind of gets you out of yourself, gets you physical and strong."

Also making the glittery scene on the red carpet and at the elaborate after party were Liev Schreiber, Jolie's co-star in the film, his life partner Naomi Watts, and action fans including Antonio Sabato, Jr., Kristin Cavallari, Sharlto Copley, Charlotte Ross, Amber Heard, Gretchen Rossi, Oscar Nunez and Mary Jane Rajskub.

Source Info: Yahoo News