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Get to know DC... The DJ [Featured DJ]

When you mention partying and DJ’s in the “757″ area of Virgina, there are certain places you think of and certain names that come to your mind. But 1 name in particular that is mentioned quite frequently from high schoolers to 50 year old two steppers is “DJ DC”.

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Delwyn “DJ DC” Cosby was born July 25th the Oakland California native, moved to Chesapeake Va., via military travel. At a young age, he started DJ’ing and has elevated his skills to the lead of the young dj circuit in the Hampton Roads Area. At 18 he got his first pair of turntables and about a year later,  he started doing house parties, then all  big block party's  in the hood. It was hard, but he never gave up. Being at the right place at the right time, DJ DC met up the C.E.O of the (GIFT AND THE CURES DANCE CREW). They threw the biggest  parties !! He did his first club party at the Old Picassos for them, that really put the name and face out there.  

 He’s gone everywhere from the African American Culural Center (formerly Virgina Night Club Picassos) to Washington DC’s Club Love, and one of the most remembered Lingerie Birthday Bashes July 24th 2009 at Blakelys Night Club in Chesapeake, Virginia to the new wave in radio WWW.WWRADIO.NET . Hard work, practice and consistancy has DJ DC in rotation as one of the most requested DJ’s by Hampton Roads Promoters, Night Club Owners, and Event Coordinators. DC has traveled to Greenville N.C, Raliegh N.C, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, P.A and New Jersey. You can find DJ DC on on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Eastern time for “NASTYTYME RADIO” or in person

Wednesday Nights at The Cave in Va. Beach, Va.
Thursday Nights at Aurora in Richmond, Va.
Friday Nights at the Alley in Hampton, Va.
Saturday nights at the Cave in Va. Beach, Va
Sunday Nights at The Cave in Va. Beach, Va.

DJ DC has definitely got what it takes to transform his DJ game into one of the worlds most noted event promoters

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