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Get to know Vango Soze... The Hip Hop Artist [Featured]






Bio, Links and "I Rise From The Dead Mixtape" after the Jump...

Vango Soze was born during what law enforcement officials have dubbed “the crack era” at Providence Hospital in Washington, DC. His father was a prominent pastor who’s church was located in the city’s long suffering Southeast province at the time and his mother was a government worker turned non-profit organizer and. From the earliest age, Vango was taught that the sole purpose of a person’s life is to serve the the least fortunate of the societies in which we live. Service to the street was a family business. 

Around the age of 14 problems in the household began to tear the family apart and a young Vango found himself without the large family structure that had supported him his entire life. He declines to go into detail during interviews but it was around this time that he began to skip school and explore the same streets he’d traveled with his father during trips to perform funeral services, Thanksgiving turkey drives, hospital visits to sick members, etc. By the age of 15, young Vango Soze was headed in the opposite direction, dabbling in drugs and learning the ins and outs of organized crime from older members of certain street-based factions in DC and Maryland. The older guys took a liking to him because of his innate ability to read people, a skill he honed under the tutelage of his father who had studied psychology in college and passed on all that he knew. In fact, Vango Soze grew up studying tirelessly the subject of power and all of the ways men and women have come to have it, retain, maintain, and control it. After problems permanently split the family Vango was off and running with his street career and his old life seemed light-years away. 
It wasn’t until he was arrested on a gun charge in the city that Soze began to toy with the idea of a career in music. The prospect of jail coupled with the birth of his son forced him to consider other options. He hooked up with a few local producers and has never looked back. Now, as leader of the Blackrose Music Mafia, his songwriting/production team, and an arsenal of 23 mixtapes and two albums set to be released over the next year, Vango Soze’s future is full of light.

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