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Get to know Young Skillz... The Hip Hop Artist... [Featured]

Born and raised in notorious streets of Washington, D.C., Hip hop artist and entrepreneur Young Skillz had a strong work ethic instilled in him at a very early age. 

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He attended and graduated from Suitland High School in 2004 which is where Skillz gained knowledge on the essentials of marketing and promotion.  He started his own rap label called “Nightmare Connections” and was soon hosting and performing in his high school’s fashion shows and most of the events there after. Being able to have access to various studio equipment gave Skillz the competitive edge when he built his first studio.  There, his young rap group would record a series of Nightmare Connections mix tapes to sell and promote his label.  When Skillz was in his sophomore year at Suitland, he formed a rap/poetry club so that his peers, with idle time, could have a place to expand and express their talents to others.  That was not the only project that this young entrepreneur ventured into. While under the stressful load associated with high school graduation and while preparing for upcoming events & shows, Skillz wanted to express his love for art as a whole. After a lot of negotiating, he was given an opportunity to hand pick a exclusive group of talented sketch artists and painters to do a school mural.  The message behind this artistic expression was “No Child Left Behind.”  This was a constant and solid reminder to his peers and following generations that with a focused mind and a dedicated spirit, you can achieve anything.  After graduation, Skillz was still looking for the next step to take in life and in music.  So, he built a better studio and started recording tracks, claiming that this was his time to fine tune and develop his rap style, and also utilize his time to research and gain more understanding of the music industry that he has become a part of today.   

After a year of honing his style and developing Nightmare Connections, Skillz linked with an old music partner, “Lil Black,” and together they would record a 32 track mix tape called “Put The Money Behind Tha Dream” with beats from one of the areas best producers, “Crime Wav”.  After successfully reaching their target goal for units sold, Young Skillz, & Lil Black decided to shoot a video for their hit single “Put The Money Behind Tha Dream.”  They would call upon local artist “Don Juan,” for his high quality video expertise.  The video worked its way swiftly through the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia (the DMV) area vastly increasing their fan base. 

After coming off a mildly successful mix tape, Young Skillz decided to focus his time and energy into a solo project, wanting more than just another mix tape.  He wanted to show how much he had progressed as an artist throughout the years. He would call the project 

"Center Stage The Album". It was produced by Crime Wav and guest producer Tommy G.  With the perfect mix of hard hitting bass lines, and space age synthesizers, “SuperStar Mentality,“ “Fall In,” and “Pop It Out,” are just 3 out of 9 exclusive tracks that Young Skillz has currently been performing throughout the year.  Skillz has go on to perform 150 shows the past year in the DMV area, New York, North Carolina, and Baltimore.  Skillz also has a single called “SuperStar Mentality” featured on the “Coast 2 Coast Vol. 23” mix tape series hosted by Clinton Sparks, along with Jay Z, 50 cent, Ludacris, and Rick Ross. This year brought a lot of new contacts: DJs, club owners, promoters, models, radio personalities, artists, photographers, tv and video directors, engineers, and producers. Skillz has his hot new single “Pop It Out” in heavy on Baltimore’s hip hop radio station, Q92.3. He has been interviewed on Love TV, FLO TV,, and TT Hanco’s radio station.  Different video performances from the album can be viewed on YouTube and have received over 25,000 plays to date. This is definitely Young Skillz's time to shine!

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