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Here's the scoop on Rullet... The Hip-Hop Artist

INGLEWOOD'S FYNEST ...presents... Russian Rullet (pronounced Roulette) a.k.a Dewond Louis was born December 11, 1982. 

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This Inglewood native has been spittin rhymes, writing, and battlin since age 11. In recent years west coast artist have felt like they werent respected lyrically on the east coast and were just looked at as artists who made low rider music. Recently, the south has been on fire, leaving the question thats been on everybodys mind, what the hell happened to the West?!?!?!? RUSSIAN RULLET IS WHAT THE WEST COAST HAS BEEN WAITING AND LOOKING FOR.

Not only is this guy a true songwriter and lyricist with a strong delivery that truly has something to say through song but he also one that you would never expect to bring such an energy to music. One look at this kat and you may be skeptical until he opens his mouth and then youll know that he has a gift that surpasses words. For Rullet it was hard for him to try and be positive while growing up in a city corrupted by drugs and gang violence. By the age of 16 Rullet would write songs and record them on a double cassette karaoke machine, which he effectively sold around his neighborhood, school and local businesses. Later, Rullet graduated to selling cds, which he effectively still sells across the nation to any and everyone he can. He did what he had to do to be heard by his peers, but by doing this he caught the attention of Dede Roper, former DJ of Salt N Pepper, Spinderella. After taping a cassette demo to the window of her Expedition, she took him under her wing and gave him advice about his career and things he needed to work on. He took her professional criticism with a positive attitude only seeing it as a way to better himself and further his career.

Rullet gave the world its first glimpse of what would be the rap games most aggressive rapper when he did a talent show in Inglewood by a company called Rowe Entertainment, where he performed a song he wrote called It Was You That Made Me Change. After the show the people complimented him beyond belief. They loved his sound because it was different and hearing a young upcoming artist deliver such a powerful message through song without being corny. Rullets first song recorded in the studio was called Light it Up, produced by singer/rapper/producer Novel, back in 2001 and for a newcomer he held his own and made an impact on sight. Novel immediately recognized his talent and produced four more songs for Rullet. Since then, Rullet has recorded a library of music and continues to push cds and builds his fan base. Rullet most definitely has a bright future and can be found working hard in the studio and pushing his cds in the street. His name is quickly becoming a beloved name where it matters most, THE STREETS. You best believe that this guy will not stop till the world knows his name, hears his songs and connects with his words. Watch out for him because hes coming for the crown. The guys got a hunger thats insatiable and its something that you MUST deal with, because making his mark on the scene is inevitable

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