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AUDIO/VIDEO: Cavasiia - "Love Me Like This" [W/ Lyrics]

Produced by Just a Melody, this is an original all the way thru and you can sing along to it.

Lyrics and audio video after the Jump...


Today I feel a little special,
I've waited all this time,
waited so long to feel i'm wanted,
When everyone around me,
said true love was lost,
thats when i opened my heart,
and you came aboard.

Pre Hook

To love me like this,
and feel each moment,
To love me like this,
for real, i'm wanted,


I cant believe you love me this way,
Who knew your heart was the key to my faith.
Nothing can change this moment,

Today I feel a little special,
Learning how to smile again,
Almost gave up my faith was broken,
Till you came and found me,
fixed my broken heart,
Felt like you knew from the start,
That you were the one,



It's been a long time coming x2
Love me,
Love me, Love me
like this and feel,
each moment,
love me like this,
for real i'm wanted,

Hook x2

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