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BIO: Family Biz Entertainment [Producers]

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Severe Garcia started at a very early age of 5 on a Casio keyboard which he didn't know he was learning to love music. Everyday his mother would play soulful music from all sorts of artists such as Marvin Gaye, Bobby Womack, Stevie Wonder, The O'Jays, Earth Wind & Fire and many more legends. This hobby became a passion early in the life of Severe. Early on he began writing verses while listeing to the radio and became very into the hip hop culture. Being from the Midwest (Chicago), a variety of hip hop was being played. "Early on I remember listening to different artist/producers for different reasons, for instance KRS and BDP was very educated and intellectual, while NWA was on some gangsta shit and I liked it all. Big Daddy Kane was all swag, Rakim was a beast, Public Enemy were political, and Master P was just rowdy, lol. So I didn't discriminate on any of it, I took it all in ya dig? Kinda soaked it in like a sponge not even knowing I was preparing myself to eventually go on and pursue the same things that these greats were." He listened to everyone, giving everyone a chance. A Tribe Called Quest quickly became a favorite and then he began to learn of Busta Rhymes, Leaders Of The New School, Digital Underground, 2Pac, Nas, JayZ and Common.

After listening to so many different artists and so many different styles of hip hop, I began to create my own lane. Severe eventually started stacking money to get some equipment and began to make beats for his rhymes. Eventually he and Black Vegah got together as a production team and there was no looking back. Danny Clark also came to the table and was one of my biggest supporters and fans, and this is the beginning of Family Biz Entertainment. Look out for Garcia on back in 2004 on J. Bravo's Present Operation Shutdown in which Garcia hosted and was featured on an official remix of Lil John's "What They Gone Do".

Family Biz Ent also went on to produce "Work" for Cupid of Atlantic Records first release Time For A Change album released Sept 11th, 2007. Garcia and Black Vegah has also toured in Germany where the feedback was crazy. "I think that's the point where I realized that people were really feeling our music and I started to take things seriously. It's funny my people were always feeling my music which is cool, but you never know until a total stranger get's access to your music and see their reaction right away. Germany definitely showed me love from the jump and I knew I was doing something right. Music is my passion, Im addicted, I love what I do". Look out for the first release from Severe Garcia "Weight Of The World" coming in the summer of '09. Family Biz Ent turned from a production team into a independent label very quickly with artists such as Jilla who you hear on classics with Garcia. 3rd Supreme who's 2nd to none, Spear who is definitely a diamond in the rough, Deezy a very talented vocalist and emcee, and newly acquired Loyal T who's ready to make history.

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