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It's around 6 a.m......... dawn is breaking......... it's KNIGHT TIME. To the eclectic rhythms of a city founded by the turbulent flow of the Chatahoochee, I ride... my speakers bumping the Awful Soundz of Nikki McKnight. Held translucent by the calm, confident melodic flow of Georgia's own and hottest femcee, the light and the presence of her voice go through me...... the story she tells all too clear... troubling me, arresting my soul, driving me..... introducing me to the iridescence of Nikki.

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 As the female half of the dynamic duo known around The South as the HoodKatz, tales of the altruistic Nikki Mcknight, circulate through the streets of The Dirty: this emcee's only concern -- to give the world perfection in her hiphop. Reminding us of a day when the 'femcee' although the odd man out, was required to hold her own, if not better than her male counterparts, and influencing the true hiphop fan to believe once again in the lyrical - Nikki McKnight touched the underground with not only Awful Soundz - but flooded the streets of her hood and The South with a slew of raw anthems including Break 'Em Off, Sky's The Limit, and It's Nuthin' to name a few. 

Nikki's voice comes across as smooth and confident as an alto saxophone. Although never written, her verses leave an impact from an evident thought process of a poet who intends to leave her fingerprint on this Earth as a musician and rapper. Her enunciation is liquid lava, her cadences are production in themselves, every line falling intricately and precisely on the beat -- Nikki McKnight comes across as flawless on every track. "First Impression" - Nikki's first solo project, is a street certified classic and prime example of this methodical emcee's best. But her validity as the self proclaimed reign of Ya Girl Terror was exactly released with the LP "G State Of Mind".  Nikki showed her talents not only as an emcee, but as a talented producer as well, loading her album with hardcore, driving beats and headbobbin' basslines, thrusting this artist further into the position as undeniably, the hottest chick rapping in The Dirty. And the heat is rising -- now swamped between recording her third joint, producing, handling her hiphop biz and handling the press -- Nikki hits the stage.
Her stage show commands a captivated audience -- her microphone solely in her grasp, the lighters flicking illuminating her skill and destiny -- her fans absorbing and soaking in everything about her in a hypnotic trance that ends with thunderous applause -- Nikki puts down a rhyme like no other - demanding to be heard. Accomplishing this feat Nikki enraptures, and it is obvious the successful longevity of an emcee that I would love to keep to myself just a little while longer is in the wake. Dawn is breaking. Introducing: Nikki McKnight.

"Oh Lets Do It" Freestyle Performance

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