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BIO: No One - Noni Spitz (The Music Artist) Dae One (The Producer)

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Noni Spitz

Los Angeles MC Noni Spitz continues to showcase his versatility in the rap game, this time with a new song called “Give Me That” that adds his own spin to the popular “Jerkin’” music scene bubbling in California and across the country. The song is a single from his upcoming CD called “Spitzology” and is produced by Young Grin of P.W.I.D. Over a catchy beat and sound signature to the Jerkin’ movement, Noni delivers his requests for all the party girls out there. A veteran of the LA independent scene known for his lyrical talents, Noni has put in lots of work on his craft and released well-received solo projects as well as being part of an acclaimed group with producer Dae One called No-One.

Dae One

Dae One started making beats at fourteen. After graduating high school, while perfecting his craft, he along with associates Noni Spitz and Taje formed a group called Egzile. The group created an album Spaced Out that was recorded, mixed and produced by Dae One.

In 1999 Dae One become associated with Sir Jinx who recognized Dae One’s talent and became a mentor to the young producer, Along with Jinx he co-produced “Yu Wo” for Kam, the song was featured on the video game “True Crime: Streets of LA”, and “On Me” for Gangsta featuring WC and Kokane on Penitentiary Chances. Also with Jinx he sequenced Xzibit’s Man vs. Machine and Kurupts Against the Grain.

In 2005 Dae One, Taje, and two other business partners started a company LNS Ent. From their studio Dae recorded for many artists. Around this time. Garrett became heavily involved with the mix tape circuit. Putting their own twist to the mix tape game Dae One is labeled executive producer on a host of mix tapes distributed from the West . He executive produced West In Full with Youngs Jeezy’s CT Entertainment artist Roccett. The mix tape received a write up in the SOURCE magazine in 2006. He executive produced Angel Dust Mixtape for independent artist Scipio, which also received a write up in the SOURCE the same year. He executive produced Hot Box Volume I for his business partner Taje. The CD was accompanied by a classic DVD which showcased Taje, and LNSEnt. He executive produced WIMS Radio Mixtape for independent artist Noni Spitz.  Of the host of songs he produced for Aftermath’s Bishop Lamont, “War Time is now”attracted much recognition. “Click Clack” on Back b4 your Lonely by Damizza and Butch Cassidy. 

Current/ Future Projects
Dae One is always ready to work, and finds fulfillment reaching out to a variety of artists. Taje’s Hot Box Volume II was recently released that featured the single produced by Dae One “House Shoes” that received air play on Q104.7 in Ventura, California, and Power 106 in Los Angeles, California.

Dae One produced the single, “All I see” for Butch Cassidy Featuring Snoop Dogg, which also received air play on Power 106. Butch’s album scheduled to release soon will have a number of other songs produced by Dae One.

Dae One was in the studio with the host of artists for Bishop Lamont’s and Black Milk’s Caltroit, and will have a song on Bishop and Dj Whoo Kid’s mixtape The Confessional. Bishop Lamont, Glasses Malone, Mykestro, and Ras Kas, will all be on Dae One’s beat.

He’s working on records for Sony Entertainment’s artist Damani, and has projects in the works with Roccett, Mykestro, Vanessa Marquez, and many others. In the near future Dae One plans on releasing a album with Noni Spitz that will exhibit Dae One’s own lyrical talent.

Making a Beat with Dae One

Their "How It Is" & "Unfaithful" videos will be hitting the site soon.
NO ONE  (Noni Spitz & Dae One) - Album 
"THE SUBSTANCE" October 26th 2010

In the meantime download their "Pre-Substance" mixtape HERE

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