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DJ Bay is the Entertainment Industry’s premier DJ, his name is synonymous with what’s happening in both music and pop culture in Los Angeles, New York, Memphis, Atlanta, & Miami. 

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One of today’s most in demand DJ’s as well as a fixture in the night life scene. DJ Bay currently resides in Memphis,TN. His schedule has him traveling to play special engagements in clubs, private parties and corporate events. It’s a guarantee that no matter what club he is in A- listers and hipsters alike are dancing on the banquets to his beats. Born and Raised in Memphis,TN. DJ Bay got an early start in the music business, Going to events and parties with his father (DJ DownLow) He quickly learned the history, skills, techniques and the art of being a DJ/Producer/Recording Engineer and Song Writer at the age of 7. His first gig DJ'N a high school prom at the age of 15, he continued on the foundation that his family started and was professionally involved in, and after his fathers passing in 2004, DJ Bay took over his fathers upcoming events and the rest is now history. DJ Bay has become one of Memphis,TN most sought out non radio/DJ's; dong parties, clubs and events for a list of entertainers and non-profit organzations, in the Memphis, other Cities and over seas. DJ Bay has worked with Hypnotize Minds recording artist Lil Wyte, Diamond Productions/Sony Records T-Mac, Iyce Gibson, Miscellaneous, D Cinn, Choir Boi, Aiesha Dickey and XTC Entertainment, Pebbelz Da Model, Core Model Alondus, Kinfolk Thugs, News Channel 5 and more. With Production Credits For D-Cinn, The Art of Raw Mixtape's, The Baptist, Savage Mike, The Trapstarz, Choir Boi,and many more. DJ Bay is one of the premier DJ's with The Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJ's, releasing new and exclusive music from recording artists from all parts of the country, Currently he is in production recording a mix-show on World Cast Radio. DJ Bay believes in the music and Artist's first, he has a strong belief in breaking new music and artists, he is also a firm believer in connecting, networking and being a service to other DJ's, Entertainers, and other business professionals World Wide. DJ Bay has touched many people around the U.S. with his knowledge and love for the arts of music in every aspect. A hard worker, Loving and proud Father, Family Oriented and he has a dedication for something’s he loves. With God first in his life there is no stopping...This is DJ Bay! You know a party or Mixtape is hot; high profile and happening if Bay is the DJ. DJ Bay goals are to finish his Music Business degree program at Full Sail University, Work with major and Indie record companies in promoting, finding new talent, working with new upcoming artists in the music and entertainment industry and connecting music lover with great music from new artists across the world.

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IndaMix Music Group
Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJ
(901) 857-5911
Full Sail Univ.
Music Business Major