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Get to know AllStar The Fresh Prince... The Hip Hop Artist [Featured]

Allstar's unique versatility allows him to maneuver through various genres of music with ease, making him the ultimate entertainer and a triple hip hop/pop/r&b threat. 

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As easy on the eyes as he is on the ears, he is definitely the ladies man, but don’t let his charm and boyish good looks fool you—the streets raised him. AllStar served 3 years in a Virginia state prison for his dealings in the streets, and although he no longer lives the street life, his street upbringing will always be a part of who he is—an upbringing that others who have been exposed to street life can relate to and respect. But with his release from prison in late 2008, he made the decision to leave that lifestyle behind forever.

Prior to being incarcerated Allstar wrote and recorded music as a hobby, but music was not his main focus when he got home. He started doing promotions for a local night club and became a popular figure in his hometown’s night life scene, as well as making a name for himself by throwing events and parties. It wasn’t until a long-time childhood friend recognized his talent and encouraged him to get back into the studio that Allstar decided to start making music again. Shortly thereafter, he began song writing, and started recording in the middle of 2009. 

A long time fan of Will Smith’s talent, humor and style, AllStar attached the moniker "The Fresh Prince of VA" to his name and decided to take his music career seriously. He soon realized though, that his music had the appeal to transcend state, and even country lines. He would be more than just “The FreshPrince of VA.” He recalls: “it just came so easily and so naturally…I started feeling like I was born to do this.” Allstar’s music conveys his passion for life, luxury, and the ladies. He describes it as the soundtrack to his life…"It’s just me.”

With his first scheduled ep release “First Impressions" his flamboyant wordplay and smooth delivery will undoubtedly make people aware of not only his talent, but that he is the next big thing…a rising sensation with an inimitable style, sound, and image that’s built for the industry.

Fresh sound, fresh style, fresh swag—he’s in league entirely his own—he is Allstar, The FreshPrince!!!

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"SUPA FLY" VIDEO by @FreshPrinceVa

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