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Get to know Gemz... The Female DJ [Featured]

Miss Dj Gemz was born in Oakland, California, raised in P.G. County,
Maryland, and went to college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was
while attending school in Pittsburgh that she became close friends
with several djs in the city. Dj Thermos, Dj Ys, Dj Phinesse, and Dj
Supa C all motivated and inspired Miss Dj Gemz to practice, shadow
them, and learn the skills required to become a dj starting with a
true appreciation for the art of turntablism through the use of vinyl.
Looking up to many djs around the world such as Q-Bert, Jazzy Jeff,
Roc Raida, Dj Shortee, and K-Swift (R.I.P. to the Club Queen), Miss Dj
Gemz practiced regularly in order to master not only the art of mixing
but also the art of scratching. She understands that becoming a great
dj is a process that takes time expanding your music collection,
knowing your music, and practicing the craft of mixing and scratching.
It is her goal that djing will take her to many cities around the
world and allow her to share her love of music with many more people.



Radio Show:
The Blender with Miss Dj Gemz and Dj Tony Drake
WMUC 88.1fm Every Tuesday 6-8pm