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PROFILE: Get Right - Bio, Mixtape & Freestyle Video

“Many are recorded, few are made…” a quotation from a new, Philadelphia bred artist “Get Right”. This new sensation is turning heads in the streets, airwaves, industry… EVERYWHERE. Philly’s most sought-out free agent, “Get Right”, hasn’t failed to disappoint with his new mixtape, “Pussy, Kicks & Comic Books”. 

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The Story Of Get Right

 Within every city, there are those whose lives are destined to bask in the glory of personal triumph. Unfortunately, the decrepit landscape of the inner city often deter burgeoning minds from succeeding and force them into senseless and repetitive cycles that often lead to harsh, unfavorable realities. This how the story of Get Right begins.  During the Reaganomic era in Southwest Philadelphia, the crack epidemic’s grip on the throat of the urban community stifled many lives and consequently destroyed others. Born to two college graduates, the young artist was raised in a household where the knowledge of self’s importance rivaled that of the body’s need for air. His mother taught him to read and write at a very early age. His father’s daily presence served as an example of what a man should be. Due to his overwhelming sense of creativity and constant habit of sketching, most of his childhood he was known as “the artist”.  But like many individuals who reside in such a troubling environment, he succumbed to the allure of the lifestyle of the corner. 

There is a saying that every gray cloud has a silver lining.  While hustling out of town, his best friend Tyrell was murdered along with his girlfriend. This one tragic moment was life changing. He took on the street moniker of his deceased comrade, Get Right, and vowed to be the born winner they were both destined to be. He finally realized the reason he was able to walk away from the “corner life” unscathed.  Everyone has a purpose in life, but very get a chance to understand and fulfill it.

For as long as he could remember, he’s been anxious to translate the music of his mind into songs that will spread like wildfire among the hearts and minds of everyone willing to listen to his story. From the trials and tribulations to the triumphs. It would be close-minded to ignore society’s ills, but Get Right decided long ago to travel the path of optimism.  His own words summarize it best. “The sun just don’t feel good out the rain.“ 


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Get Right - Pussy, Kicks & Comic Books Debut mixtape
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Now in the times where artists like T.I., Young Jeezy, and Lil Wayne (The HOVA of the South), are getting more respect and airplay than most northern rappers (even Soulja Boy gets more play than Jadakiss!), rap up north has no doubt needed a savior. Get Right just might be that messiah. From track 1-20 “Pussy, Kicks & Comic Books” was on point, from the beats to his Lupe like flow; sh*t nearly every bar was either dope or funny. The delivery and production was solid and presented in a cinematic fashion. I’m normally the first to trash a mixtape but I’m going to have to say that “Pussy, Kicks & Comic Books” might be the underground mixtape of the year… so far. As far as I’m concerned, the game has fallen off, everyone is recording, and just about ANYONE can get signed, but I predict Philly’s newest big hit, will be a made national *SUPERSTAR*.


Get Right Freestyle (Black) Endyo Records

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