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BIO: Artistic... The DJ

DJ Artistic has invested millions in the Bank of Hip Hop. Every day with every step he takes, he tries to embody the heart and soul that fuels the music he loves so dearly. When he’s behind the decks, he lets the crowd dictate what they want to hear; playing to the energy, the mood and the groove, instead of what’s popular on the charts.

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He’s a party rockin’ DJ who’s biggest sense of satisfaction comes from seeing club goers lose their voices singing to the songs he spins or when someone’s wants to know the title of a track he just played. From what started as his childhood dream over 20 years ago, Artistic has worked hard to turn it into reality. Starting his career in 1995 by throwing Apollo-style events called “The Breakthrough,” he brought up and coming DJ’s and MC’s to showcase their skills in front of a crowd. These events started a buzz about Artistic’s skills and his reputation for a man who cared enough about the music community around him to help others succeed with him. From there he grew into a successful local DJ himself, then a producer for Deep Rooted—which has won a San Diego music award for Best Hip Hop album in 2008. He has gone on tour with legends like Public Enemy and has shared the stage with the great Richard Humpty Vision. Artistic has come a long way from playing small venues across the city to performing in front of packed arenas and touring across the country. As a testament to his never-ending work ethic Artistic tirelessly hustles his own weekly radio show on and effortlessly balances a schedule of 2 monthly residencies, a weekly and a smattering of one-offs. With this kind of dedication to his craft and desire to better himself as a man and as an artist its clear why he’s earned nods from San Diego City Beat for Best Club DJ 3 years running (2007, 2008, 2009). There is no stopping Artistic’s altruistic mission to share the passion, love and enthusiasm he has within him to every person getting down in front of him. He is a true “No Sucker DJ” that brings his A-game to each of his gigs. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will. DJ Artistic is on the fast-track to greatness, coming to a club near you. 

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