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BIO: J. Staffz... The Producer

Jabari Stafford Bowry. Born September 24 1985, “J. Staffz” comes from his first and middle names. “I was named after my Uncle Stafford who died in a car accident when he was 19. I never met him. My mom always said he was a genius.” 

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Jabari started taking piano lessons at 7 years old through RCM for 8 years. At 10, he went to St. Kitts and Nevis and learned how to play the steel drums. “I’ve learned all the songs on the single tenor, double tenor and bass in one-two months”. J. Staffz was the drummer in his high-school band and took lessons for that as well. “I started making my own remixes by putting vocals from one song on a beat from another song. Before I knew it, I was making my own beats for the vocals.” After barely getting though high school and dropping out of college J. Staffz began networking, competing in beat battles and showing his beats to whoever would listen. “I use to give a lot of artists beats for free if they put them in the right hands or on the radio.” J. Staffz then attended Metalworks Institute to learn Audio Engineering & Recording. “After about 4 months in Metalworks, he already had a few songs on rotation in Toronto. “I don’t really have as much of an interest in engineering as I thought so I stopped and focused on producing.” Since then, J. Staffz has worked with over 150 artists. J. Staffz also works as an in-house producer for Silverbridge Media, composing music for Viacom (VH1, MTV, HBO, BET, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon and Paramount).

Worked with over 150 artists including:
Wiz Khalifa “Yung Rock Starz” & “Meet New People”
Yung Berg “Yung Rock Starz”
Tony Yayo “Somebody Snitched”
40 Glocc “Take You Where I Live”
Belly “Go Hard”
Boogz Boogetz “Yung Rock Starz” & “Meet New People”
JD Era “Fire Remix”
Melanie Durrant “No Stoppin”
Richie Sosa “Say Whatever You Like” & “Why You Grillin Me For”
Strizzy Kastro “Go Hard” & “Infrared”
Rochester “Can I Come”
P Reign “Go Hard” 

MTV Teen Cribs
MTV Rock Dinner
MTV Room Raiders
VH1: Behind the Music
Chris Bosh: First Ink Documentary (Warner Music)

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