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PROFILE: BlackBoyDaKid - Bio, Audio & Videos

This kid has the potential, hustle and drive to be something special in the music industry. Get the full scoop on him after the Jump....

18 Year old rapper/songwriter from college park... Influenced to begin a rap career by Street Executive and Travis Porter at the age of 16...after being exposed to the life of the entertaining business while going out to shows and rehearsals with them blackboy was taken under the wing of Allen Parks road manager of Travis Porter... Being young and stupid began to start selling drugs to start off his career in the wrong way... but now grinding harder than ever and walking on the road to success... Blackboydakid is a diffrenter that is born to lose but built to win!! new mixtape coming to soon !!


Black Boy Da Kid feat. Short Dawg and Lil Scrappy - "Big Dawg"


Black Boy Da Kid - "PeterPan Fly"

Black Boy Da Kid ft Jihad - "Put It Down"

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