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PROFILE: A Driver... The Hip Hop Artist (Bio, Links, Video)

If you were to mix lyrical talent & delivery together & then add a charismatic personality that has never been seen before, you would get A. Driver. 

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Born in Norfolk, VA, A. Driver began rapping at the tender age of 4. As he entered high school his passion for music was placed on display numerous times in cafeteria ciphers and after school battles. While in high school A. Driver released a three part mix tape series entitled "A Is the Letter". After releasing the first mix tape of the series his popularity amongst his peers began to grow giving him more exposure and notoriety for his craft. After graduating from high school in 2006, Driver took another step away from his competitors by releasing his first EP entitled "Designated Driver". Designated Driver displayed A. Driver’s uncanny wit, lyrical skill, and impeccable song writing capabilities.  
 In 2008, Driver added another mix tape to his arsenal when he released “Summer School”. Summer School; which was hosted by DJ Ruckus, was the first mix tape Driver had released since the “A Is the Letter” mix tape series. Summer School was an instant hit with local college students & further strengthened his appeal & brand in VA. After releasing “Summer School” the demand for new music was so high that Driver released “31 Days of Driver”. 31 Days of Driver was a month long mix tape where A. Driver released a song a day for the month of December. Each song was released at 7pm daily & gained a total of 11,000 downloads at month’s end. The success of “31 Days of Driver” propelled A. Driver to VA’s music forefront.  
 To follow “31 Days of Driver” A. Driver released an EP entitled “The Orientation”. The Orientation; which is available now, was released in May 2010. Since it's release, Driver has been working harder than ever, having shot a video with Illusive Media (“I’m Beaming” Lupe Fiasco, “Doorman” Clipse, & “Death of a Pop Star” David Banner) for the EP’s lead single “Stadium Music” & has began performing throughout VA with his band “The O-Band”. A. Driver, who is now 22 years old, and the President of his own record label, (Strike Force Records) is once again back in the studio working on his official LP entitled “Driver’s Education”, scheduled for a 10 fall release. The future is now & it can easily be called A. Driver!!

The Orientation        

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