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PROFILE: Chaundon - The Rapper/Producer

Courtesy of VanceNyCC Multimedia

Chaundon The Million Dollar Voice... Chaundon, the 25 year old Harlem, NY native rapper and producer, has been performing for over 8 years. 

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Known as the Million Dollar Voice, his unique raspy voice and street sexy thug charm has placed him on the path of Superstardom. With his quick original rhyming style, creative flow and current subject of matter, he is cut from the cloths of hip hop legends. The Youngest of five boys, Chaundon received his life lessons from the streets of New York. On the streets is where he worked, played, lived and understood the game of politics, the true Art of Hustle. My brothers would say get what you want from life, so work hard and play hard. Starting at open mic ciphers, Chaundon worked any opportunity to grab the mic. His skills soon landed him local and regional gigs around the northeast. He eventually found himself opening for nelly at a New York concert. But financial success proved as elusive as finding the right hook to a song.  Currently, Chaundon Single “One Mintue” is a hit on the underground mix CD market.With this success, Chaundon is in the studio working on his album"Chaundon". Rapping alongside of Scarface, Cameron has added to his growing list of industry veterans, Jadakiss has adopted him as his little brother and claims his million dollar sound will keep rap in the forefront. Chaundon says, "Rap is my love and my life. It's real! It gives me the opportunities to express myself to the entire world" 


1999- Sign with group HOT ONES to Vacant Lot Records/ Priority Records

         Performed an 42 State Tour Along with Polo The Don (Producer) and
         Young Bloods (So So Def Artists) 
Open at the Apollo Theater for Artist Jay-Z
2000- Group Hot Ones open for Artist Nelly in Cancun
 2001- Vacant Lot Records released "LIVE ON LENOX"
         Featuring on 3 songs: "RAVE IN THE GAME" (Scar face Featuring HOT ONES)
         "Good Morning America" (Hot Ones featuring Camron)
          "Floss, One, Don" (Hot Ones)
2003- "Best of The Best" Vol.1 (Hosted by Dj Enuff)
          Mix tape of the Month (April) Source Magazine
          Numerous Radio Spins play by Hot 97
2004-  Radio Appearance on the Kay Slay Show (Hot 97)
          Perform numerous times at various night clubs
          Work on productions for up and coming artists
2005- Release "Best of The Best" Vol. 2
         Worked with feature artist such as Ron Brownz, R-Kelly, The General
         and Lord Tariq. (Hosted by Dj Hot Murda)
2006- Featured on Dj Webstar album "Caught in the Web" (aka Chicken Noodle Soup)
         Productions and features on multiple songs
         Put together own Mix tape album called "Music in Me"
2007- Performed with Dj Webstar in the classic "Rucker Park" and various Night Clubs
         Recorded songs with JadaKiss, Loon and Max B
         Started a Mix tape Company with Dj Hot Murda called Da Murderous Mix tapes
2008- Worked with Dj Hot Murda to release future artist mix tapes
         Also was featured on artist Capital One "My Connect Owes Me Big and Shan Shizzy
         "Diary Of A Mad Man"
2009- Photo Shoot and Article with Thicke Magazine as solo Artist ( July Issue)
         Featured on The Lions Den Mixtape (various artist) hosted by DJ Hot Murda
         Working on Own Mixtape called ''Back for the Money" hosted by DJ Hot Murda
2010- Produce and recorded upcoming Hit Single "One Mintue" feat. Jim Jones and Ron Browz
      Currently wroking on new mixtape called "Body Season" hosted by Duke Da God
      Various Interviews (Radio, magazine, etc)

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