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VIDEO: Ihsan Bilal - "Lifestyle Ish"

“Lifestyle Ish” is a brief promo single for IhsAn Bilal’s highly anticipated debut Album “BIG red BOX” due for release March 2011. The song discusses rumors about the artist, however IhsAn doesn’t feed into the negativity. The first line of the song is “Why did she go and cut her hair like that, shaved on both sides now she’s bald in the back”. The video was shot in Washington, DC. It was executively Produced by Ms Bilal and directed by Thomas Mobley. IhsAn is determined to defeat the odds and ignore negativity that surrounds her on her way to superstardom. This up and coming artist has much more material waiting to be leaked so stay on the lookout for IhsAn Bilal.   

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 IhsAn Bilal's promo single for "Lifestyle Ish"  BIG red BOX coming soon  Produced by AB the Producer  Written and arranged by IhsAn Bilal  Co written by Wayne Craft  Mixed by Brad Anglin   

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