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ARTWORK: Jayy Starr X Motzy The Moth X Kartel Kobain - "Ready 4 W.A.R."

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Who would ever think that a blog site would bring 3 dope MC's together.

We have Jayy Starr from the Bell Flower area of Los Angeles, California who has created an extensive buzz all over the internet with various songs, mixtapes and videos. Google her name and you'll see that the proof is in the pudding. She runs with the Pro City crew and has also ventured out with her own group called the Underachievers with Long Beach's Mikey Peee and Taylor Clarke who both have respective buzzes of their own. A partner with Youtube now because of her on going buzz and massive amount of video views... her latest project "The 10 Letter" took the internet by storm in 2010 only to get us prepared for "California Dreamin" dropping in 2011.

We have Motzy The Moth formally (Nel Motzy Esq.) of North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who has been buzzing way before the internet but since dropping the "HollyHood Here I Come" mixtape on his myspace page in 2007, the digital world has embraced him graciously after releasing "The Discography of Jay-Z" in 2009 and "Phillywood 2 Hollyhood" in 2010. Recording artist at heart Motzy has branched out into the business side of the industry to help bring light to undiscovered talent all over the world.

We have Kartel Kobain from Suffolk City, Virginia who has respectfully garnered a hefty amount of google hits himself with his classic "Welcome 2 My Playground" 1 and 2 mixtapes, the lyrically dope "H.O.V.A" (Hottest Outta VA) mixtape, tons of audio tracks, tons of blog features and a support system that makes sure everything he puts out gets to be showcased some where on the internet. It's only right that he drops a new project in 2011. With the "Forevers A Lie" album on the way... which is guaranteed to be filled with honest real life situations and pulsing punchlines... it's only right that he gives the fans the teaser project before it, that he calls... "Prelude To Forever" 

Now with all this going on, how do these 3 even have the time to collaborate? This is when we get involved. Da N Crowd Conglomerate Inc. and Join Da Crowd has done soo much promo on all 3 individually that we thought it would be a bright idea to have them all come together. They have a love and respect for each others hustle, talent, music and communicate with each other all the time through twitter so this song/project/mixtape/album or whatever it's about to be was bound to happen.

Which brings us to this present moment... and in that moment we bring you "The Cerberus Crew" as Jayy Starr puts it..."The 3 headed lyrical monster" and their first joint recording is dropping on Friday, February 25th, 2011 titled "Ready 4 W.A.R (Whatever Approach 2 Rap)"

 Are you ready?

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