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EDITORIAL: The 1st Five on "Ready 4 War" by The Cerberus Crew

No sooner then a couple hours later The 1st Five web/blog sites picks up on "Ready 4 War' and this is what they had to say about it. 

"I’ve never heard of any of these rappers before but since we really do listen to everything we’re sent they had just as much a chance of any one of getting a news post today. This track “Ready 4 W.A.R. (Whatever Approach 2 Rap)” is the first release from The Cerberus Crew consisting of Jayy Starr from Los Angeles, CA, Motzy The Moth from Philly, PA and Kartel Kobain from Suffolk, VA. The warm bop of the keyboard production is slick juxtaposition of grimy lyrics. This is well worn territory in hip hop and the fact that these three rappers were able to still wring compelling blood from this stone speaks highly of them."  Staff Writer - John-Michael

This is a great response to the record being that this is the first time these 3 has worked together. We can only hope that more blogs and websites pick up on the record to motivate Jayy, Motzy and Kartel to record even more music together!

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