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1 Year Anniversary Repost of 1st Post Published - MIXTAPE: Nel Motzy Esq. - "PhillyWood 2 HollyHood"

Who would think that creating a site in support of up and coming, unsigned, underground and independent artists would last a year? Motzy came to Hazmat with the idea in the light of knowing that most blog sites and websites that cater to the hip hop audience weren't really in pursuit of undiscovered talent if they didn't know them personally, didn't have an industry co-sign or wasn't PAYING AN OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY to them for promo on their site. 

The guys thought it would be a great idea to knock out all the bullshit politics and just give the artist that they thought was dope a chance to be showcased. Not really going into it with a game plan, the guys came up with a name, bought a domain, created a template design and was like......... What to do next?

The Pic up above is a screen shot of our first post ever which you can find here. It was Motzy's Phillywood 2 Hollyhood mixtape that contained freestyles from 2003 all the way to 2010 which was hosted by DJ Labeanz. Not knowing where this blog would go, Motzy and Hazmat just decided to put the mixtape up as a post just to have something up on the site, even though the mixtape dropped back on February 25, 2010. Ironically the mixtape actually had the url on the front cover.

Now with a bunch of word of mouth, utilizing the hell out of Twitter and Facebook, 5 new staff members later, over 800 post and over 200 rappers, singers, producers and dj's promoted, we give you guys a better look as to what the first post should and could have looked like. Front and Back Covers, Stream and Download link after the Jump....

Heads up: As of 2011 Motzy has dropped the Nel and the Esq. and now goes by... "Motzy The Moth" which  makes this post and this mixtape something special for the Join Da Crowd history books. 

Thanks to Motzy's creativeness, bravery, intergrity, unselfishness to come up with such a great idea that wasn't out there and needed to be created for those that were in need of such an outlet and Thanks to Hazmat for coming up with the artwork, colors, designs and layouts. We at the Da N Crowd Conglomerate Inc. can only wish for more artist to come to us for promotion and to know and understand that we truly support them and have their back. Just keep creating dope music and we'll keep supporting!

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