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EVENT: Barry Bondz - "Countdown to OMV"

OMV Drops at Midnight!

Some words from Mr. Barry Bondz himself...

OMV comes out 2morrow. I just wanna say thank u to everybody who patiently waited for the new cd to drop. It's all original music. This also represents my new brand "Genco Media LLC"-Genco Mafia for short... which is the upper echelon of Aviator Music. OMV is really based around the code of OMERTA. Just the basics-loyalty, trust, honor... but most of all its about the sacrifice. So many things have been done to get here... some things can be named... some can't & won't but over all I do wanna say thank u...thanks for holding me down! I promise u...this is my best work yet & this is only the beginning. There are many new video's & blogs on the way so stay tuned...there will be new music dropping for the rest of the year so stay tuned!!! LOVE... B.BONDZ 

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