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PROFILE: G Slicck - Bio + "Whip Got Her Wet" Audio

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Nicholas Trimble, known to many as "G Slicck", was born in Chicago, but was taught life lessons through the struggle of being raised throughout the state of Illinois with no real guidance.

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 G Slicck - "Whip Got Here Wet" 

Like many young inner city black males growing up in the crack epidemic, Trimble was influenced by the fast life and faster women the streets glorified all too well. However, just like many who grew up in the 1980s, Nicholas could not escape the all too familiar consequence that comes along living a life of the streets and did a few stints in prison. While in prison, Nicholas Trimble began writing poetry. Soon the fusion of his passion for music and life experiences turned his poetry into songwriting; and in 2008 while in Stateville Correctional Center, he was coined “G Slicck-the Artist”. “G Slicck” was able to use his time incarcerated to mature into the man that he is today and a leader amongst others.  

Returning coming home in 2008, “G Slicck” used his music as his motivation to turn his life around to make the difference needed to give himself and his family a better life. Speaking from the pain and pleasures of the street life, the social inequalities he endured growing up, college, and his prison experiences allowed him to be a living example to the youth from his community; teaching them that there is more to life than what the streets have to offer. 

 “G Slicck” was released off parole in 2009 and the same life lessons learned from the streets he used to make a name for himself in the music industry. With hit singles like "My Whip got her Wet" and" Nothing you can do wit us" featuring K-OS, D.J.s, clubs, and the streets have been supporting his movement from the very beginning; and due to the increase in radio requests for his music, his fan base has been on a steady incline and has performed nationwide with national recording artists such as 8ball, Ciara, Murphy Lee, Too Short, and Shawna just to name a few.“G Slicck” also makes contributions by managing, promotions, and hosting events through the name of his label Lethal Cartel Records.  

Nicholas “G Slicck” Trimble has been quoted stating that he is “thankful that God has allowed everything he has encountered in life to happen, for without these trials and tribulations the man standing here today would not have existed”.  His amazing lyrics, very humble demeanor, and non-stop hustler’s mentality molded him into a man of integrity and his writing transcends beyond the Hip Hop genre, which makes him a very versatile artist the music industry needs. G SLICCK...GET FAMILIAR!!!! 

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