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PROFILE: Mateus aka MTO... The Producer - Bio + Pix

Unique. Different. Artistic. These are the words that first come to mind when you hear "MTO Beats" on the track. From the first time the kick hits, to the last crack of the snare, Mateus (better known by his producer alias, MTO Beats, or MTO for short) brings a new style of composition, infused with such a unique sound, back into Hip-Hop.

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Focusing and honing in on the musical techniques of 70's soul to 80's jazz-funk bands, such as The Isley Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, The Commodores, and many more, MTO hopes to bring back real musicianship to Hip-Hop. Ok, so you're probably thinking, 鄭 lot of Hip-Hop producers are trying to bring Jazz, Soul, and Funk back to mainstream music. What makes this producer any different? Mateus stands out in the crowd because not only is he one of the youngest producers, at only eighteen, but has also studied classical, jazz, and improvisational piano since the age of four. But what makes him so special? It's the fact that this young producer is already attracting such a large fan base. 

With over two million plays, and over a million website visits to his website, it's no denying it that before long, this rising star will be heard across the world in everyone's headphones or speakers. Surprisingly, Mateus' venture into Hip-Hop started pretty recently with nothing more than a passion for music, production, and sound design, plus a combined interest in local Houston, TX radio stations playing Hip-Hop and R&B around 2006.

Mateus now resides in Boston, MA and currently is pursuing a career in music production, and plans on attending Berkley College of Music after graduating High School. So if you're an artist, and you're asking yourself what sounds you want in your next production, be sure to consider MTO Beats. Mateus offers so much more than just quality production, as the entire experience working with this young, talented musician brings back a touch of what the industry has lost.
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