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PROFILE: Rebel the Great - Bio, Pix + Audio

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Born in Mount Vernon and raised in Greenburgh, NY, Rebel the Great is the next up and coming rapper to emerge from the empire state. 

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"6'7 Foot Freestyle"

Having been through a lot, Rebel the Great started writing at the age of 14 using music and writing as an escape from everyday life. Growing up his friends nicknamed him “rebel” because he was constantly fighting and always stood firm behind his beliefs no matter what the fad was at the time. His stubbornness and aggressive demeanour helped shape his signature style that separates him from the rest. It wasn’t until 2007 that he started to take his music seriously and that October released his first mixtape A-team/PNA, which featured various artists including local rapper Nighthawk. The mixtape gained heavy recognition, and on May 21, 2011, Rebel became an artist for Greenleaf Multimedia. His versatile lyrics appeals to various audiences and covers many different genres; however, Rebel stays true to his love for Hip Hop and has become a local “hood celebrity”. Currently, Rebel is working on his mixtape called Back 2 the Basics that is expected to drop late July.

"Down South Swag"

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