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PROFILE: Yung Ro... The Rapper - Bio, Pix + Audio

Through the long but successful journey that BPEnt has been through, one thing has been the key to their success...THE VISION.  After 16 years of being a sole proprietor, the vision was never lost.   The consistent years of independence shows that with hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, that BP Ent has the right formula to weather the storm.  Through their political networking locally and nationally, friendships established with professional athletes, actors, producers, and CEO's......BP Ent has proven that their arms expand from beyond the umbrella company of Black Pearl Tattoos.  

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BP Ent has shown that the LAUNCH of Yung Ro is another success story from the well formulated thoughts of BPEnt.  Yung Ro proves that he has a special DNA make up that helps him handle any business effortlessly.  Staying true to his roots, Yung Ro decided to go by the name his grandmother (from Okinawa, Japan) gave him as an infant. With the rave reviews of his initial project "Rising Son", Yung Ro shows that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. After being grazed in the head by a bullet, Yung Ro decided NOT to become a product of the streets of St. Louis. Instead, he created product in the City of St. Louis leading him to give birth to Runway2empowerment Youth Awareness Foundation.  Looking at his experience with crime and becoming aware of senseless acts of violence in his community, Yung Ro wanted to enlighten his peers of an alternate choice to life.  He also opened BP Ent recording studio offering teens apprenticeships in a positive environment to allow them to use their creative energy.                      

Yung Ro- "Browse"

While maintaining his passion for his craft (music), Yung Ro takes pride in his marketing value, hence, him being elected by St. Louis officials ( Alder Woman Marlene Davis and Alderman President Lewis Reed) to present the Isley Brothers with the city Resolution Honor.  The 100 Black Men have invited Yung Ro, once again, to host the Annual Rock the Vote Yard concert. Acknowledging Yung Ro for his marketing element.  With an impressive resume, BP Ent and Yung Ro have not lost sight of their vision and continue to stay humble while working religiously to not only maintain the level of success thus far, but to lead the way for the people of St. Louis.  The future projects, across the board, are promising and will give a city with a bad reputation, a reason to stand tall and smile with their Rising Son.

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