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ARTWORK: Hazmat - Join Da Crowd Audio Vol. 3 Covers Revealed!!!

We have to admit we purposely waited almost to the last minute to reveal these covers to you guys to build up anticipation but not make you feel like you would have to wait weeks for the actual mixtape to drop. Designed by Hector Hazmat Cruz with art direction by Joseph Motzy Click, these two creative minds have collaborated on the pass 2 covers and with this third one... with the Matrix feel... as the New Years ball glows on the front and the actual faces of each artist featured fade into the back on the back... goes to show that they were thinking towards a futuristic new beginning. A New World Order of music. Kinda like a day after a rap war and these 15 Elite music artists were the last survivors! Dramatic right? Wait till you here the tape! "Out Wit Da Old.... In Wit Da New.... Join Da Crowd Audio Vol. 3. Hosted by DJ Labeanz. The digital drop on New Years Day will be posted on JoinDaCrowd.Com, tweeted on Twitter.Com, displayed on ThatCrack.Com, downloaded from, streamed from TweetMySong.Com and updated on Facebook.Com.

The Countdown Begins Now!!!
To get a preview of the mixtape click HERE

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